The most common childhood injuries!

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The most common childhood injuries

Burns, one of the most common childhood accidental injuries. These include sunburns and burns caused by stoves, lamps, matches, lighted cigarettes, fireplaces, wood stoves, and hot liquid from a pan, cup, bath, or hot water heater. Deciding which formula is right for your family means considering your baby's health, age, and dietary needs, as well as each formula's cost and preparation time. Whichever one you like, you'll be choosing between two basic types: milk-based and soy-based. Here's what you need to know.

* Head injuries caused primarily by falls from high chairs, beds, furniture, stairs, and play equipment.

* Choking on food or foreign objects.

* Strangulation caused by strings, ties, ribbons, and cords on toys, clothing, and household appliances and fixtures.

* Nose injuries caused by running into stationary objects, falling on a hard surface, or deflecting a flying toy (or the fist or foot of another child).

* Items stuck in a nostril, like small stones, chewable vitamins, pebbles, and peas.

* Cuts and scratches caused by sharp fingernails (either your baby's own or some other child's), pets, sharp objects, and encounters with sticks and other pointed objects that live in your yard.

* Fractures and sprains caused by hard falls and, as your child enter the toddler years, by playing energetically, for more detail Children tend to break bones more easily than adults because they have soft areas near the end of each bone called growth plates.

* Contusions bruise under the skin caused by bumps and falls.

* Insect and bee stings.

* Muscle strains, which occur most often when a child starts a new sport or activity.

*A pulled elbow, caused by picking up your child by one arm, jerking his arm forcefully, or swinging him around by the arms. The forearm bone actually slips out of the elbow joint and will sometimes slip back without medical attention.

* Eye injuries caused by dust, sand, or other types of foreign matter in the child's eye.

Common accidents: Birth to 6 months

* In the crib: pinched fingers and limbs, suffocation under blankets and pillows, sudden infant death syndrome.

* Falls from infant seats, highchairs, and changing tables.

* Car accidents, particularly involving improperly installed car seats.

* Burns from bath water, especially if your water heater is set higher than 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Common accidents: 7 months to 1 year

* High chair and climbing accidents.

* Auto accidents, including overheating in a locked car.

* Burns from cigarettes, coffee, and electrical cords and sockets.

* Choking on small toys.

* Strangulation by cords and strings

* Any cord or string longer than 12 inches is dangerous.

* Cuts from sharp edges on toys, breakables, and furniture.

* Walkers, strollers, and ride-on toy mishaps.

* Falls against sharp furniture edges.

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