The missing link between wanting success and achieving it

By: Sam Sander

Many people sit and wonder about why other people are more successful or earn more money than them. And in this case it's very easy to think that perhaps they are luckier, or better educated, or were born into a rich family. Or perhaps they are smarter, better looking or younger.

But none of these have any conclusive bearing on whether someone is going to be successful or not.

Rather it comes down to your subconscious mind, and more importantly, how your subconscious mind has been programmed. And much of this programming occurred during your childhood, from the influence of your parents.

It obviously helps to be conversant with the techniques of your trade to be successful, but the bad news is that unless your brain is programmed for a high level of success, you will not achieve it. The good news though is that you can reprogram your brain to create natural and growing success.

Quite simply, if you are not as successful as you would like, you need to change your mind's success program, otherwise your current program will stay with you for the rest of your life! If you think like successful people think and do what successful people do, chances are you'll be successful too.

It may sound simple to just change your mind's success program, but the existing program is usually so heavily ingrained in your sub-conscious that it actually takes a bit of brain training to reprogram your subconscious mind.

And to reprogram your subconscious mind, you need to know what the current program is. So start by writing down all the thoughts and beliefs you have about life, success and money. How many of these beliefs do you think help you create success and happiness, and which ones hold you back? Now if you can, interview someone successful and establish their beliefs on life, success and money. How many of their beliefs do you think helped them create their success and happiness? Do you see a pattern?

It's now time to write your new program. Write down a list of beliefs you need to establish in your own mind to create the life you want. Use positive words, so rather than saying "I will not waste money on trivial expenses", say "I only spend money on wise purchases". The difference is that the first statement focuses on 'wasting money' where as the second focuses on 'wise purchases'. It's important to keep the focus on the positive.

Now the reprogramming process takes some time. You can help by reading these statements to yourself every night and morning. Read them out loud with conviction. Also use the technique of visualization to help your mind focus on what you are really trying to accomplish. Using your list of new beliefs, visualize what your life will look like if these beliefs became your reality. Hold this mental image as long as you can.

Be vigilant and perform the above re-programming techniques every day for at least one month and see how your attitude, and your life, begins to change.

Remember, beliefs are the foundation of what will manifest in your life. So make these beliefs be the basis of a life of success and happiness. If you find yourself slipping back into those old beliefs, then stop and re-connect with the enabling beliefs you wrote above.

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