The lonely business card

By: Ryan Smith 1

There once was a business card from Brisbane, who was the last one left in the box, and became very lonely.

He peered out of the business card box; to see what other business stationary or marketing material he could befriend. As he gazed around the stationary cupboard he saw a box of envelopes (Which were printed in 1 colour), 2 boxes of Letterhead (Printed in full colour) and a box of brochures and flyers (also printed in CMYK).

Hello?? He called tentatively. Hello?

‘Hi there neighbour’ replied a friendly Presentation Folder from the darkness in the corner of the cupboard, who he had not yet seen. ‘Gday’ ‘How you going? ‘Hello!’ ‘Howdy’ came the chorus of greetings from the other boxes of marketing material and business stationary. They seemed very friendly!!

‘Sorry we left you by yourself in there!! We didn’t realise that there was another business card left in your box. All the other business cards were moved into the receptionists drawer last week.’

‘Thank goodness!’ replied the lonely business card. ‘I’m not the last business card left in the office. I won’t be lonely any more…’

‘Yay, Woooot, Hooooray!!’ Chorused the letterheads, envelopes, brochures and flyers.

How do I get to the receptionists drawer?’ asked the lonely business card.

The marketing material conferred with the business stationary, which put forward the invoice books as their speaker. The invoice books looked similar to the purchase order books;they were both Ľ bound in books of 50 triplicate sets. The Invoice books were printed in 2 colours and the purchase order books in 1 colour, to show who was in charge.

‘In a land far, far away… past the lunch room and the toilets… Past the office cubicles and the banner on the wall, is a land called THE FOYER. That is where the evil receptionist of the west lives; the one who takes the printing from this cupboard, and it’s never seen again!! It’s a very dangerous place and I wish you would consider staying here with us’

Before the lonely business cards could reply, there came a booming voice from outside the cupboard. ‘ Where are my business cards? I have a conference tomorrow on the north side of Brisbane, and there should be some good networking opportunities.’

What? There’s none left!! @@$$##$$#@@$#!!!!!

The moral of the story:

Order your business cards or envelopes, or presentation folders, or flyers or brochures, BEFORE they run out.

Most products require 6-8 working days for production, and can’t be printed urgently in 24 hours to meet a deadline.

Please call our team in north Brisbane, when you notice that you are getting to the bottom of your last box. With 2 weeks notice we can ensure that we can complete the printing and finishing for your job, before you run out.

Visit our website at for our contact information.

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