The key ingredients for car salespeople to close the sale

By: Mak

Being a car sales trainer I'm always asked "Mak could you teach us a new quick close?" And my answer was always that there is NO single close that will always get the job done. In a step by step sales process you'll notice that closing is one of the steps towards the end. But in reality every step in the sales process in another disguised closing step to help you sell the vehicle. Here is an outline

Basic outline of steps to a sale:

1.First impressions 2.Greeting 3.Rapport building 4.Qualifying 5.Presenting the vehicle 6.Demonstrating the vehicle 7.Asking for the order 8.Getting a commitment to purchase 9.Pre-Closing 10.Re-Closing

If you notice above, closing is one of the last steps to a sale. So me teaching you to perform a quick close will not be effective. If you want success, then stick with the basics and stop skipping steps. You see, all of those steps are some form of closing disguised as another step. So closing starts the minute you established a first impression with your customer. So you must thoroughly go through the basic step before you can close the sale.

What's also important is following up and prospecting. If you stop doing that, then you significantly lower you chances to get a customer in front of you so you can perform the basic steps. So prospecting and following up is the key to getting customers in front of you.

Why would you skip steps?

As I observe so many average salespeople, the biggest problem I see is they are all trying to take shortcuts. You have to follow the system. Greet your customer, build rapport and qualify them properly. Show them the car and take them on a demo drive etc. Build as much value as you can so all this will justify the price. Think about it. How can you expect to close the sale if you haven't built value yet? Follow the basics and work your way to the close.

What if you just met a customer and they tell you they are here for a certain vehicle. What would you do next? Do you just dive right into your inventory and show them the vehicle? What happened to building rapport and qualifying? See, that's how you're skipping steps. You're loosing sales because of this. And if you do close the sale then I'm sure it was a grinded out process based on price and not on value.

NOTE: Closing on price is making you leave a lot of money on the table. So if you want to earn as much money as possible in this business, go back to the basics and follow them religiously with every single customer.

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