The history of wedding ring and how to select them

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The history of wedding ring goes to Egypt where the first recorded exchange of ring at a marriage occurred. From that time this ring was seen as the symbol of eternal love, never ending love. As for the Romans exchange of ring was seen as an event of legal discourse. It was a seal of legal commitment to marry from which the girl was unable to remove herself once she had accepted the ring. From this period she was no longer free as she had accepted this token of commitment. In early tradition according to the custom Roman a ring were made of iron to denote strength but gradually for the beauty factor and for durability factor iron was replaced with gold and silver. Nowadays rings are made of yellow gold, white gold, silver or even platinum and some will even be embellished with stones.

It has been a tradition and ritual to wear the wedding ring on the ring finger of our left hand. The reason says in ancient Rome and Egypt it was believed that a vein ran from this finger directly to the heart so linking it with love. However this practice, in medieval times, continued but for a different reason. During a religious wedding ceremony the groom would place the ring on the bride's left thumb, index and middle finger in turn and saying "in the name of the father, son and Holy Ghost. Therefore the ring was placed on the third finger. From that time it was written in the Book of Common Prayer where the words and rituals of marriage were written down and made formal. Till twentieth century it was woman who wore wedding rings but now a day man are equally sharing this factor as they also prefer wedding ring to show their love and commitment to their better half.

For selecting your wedding ring you can take advice from your relatives and friends. They might even recommend for you something that you didn't think of initially or perhaps, they might agree with your choice. Whatever the case, a second opinion from someone you know well will never hurt. In case you are stumped when you look for a particular ring and feel that you might need another solution, then you could for instance have one especially made for your wedding and you could order something that might fit you in its entirety. For instance going for something that has been created by you will certainly be something but then the price might go up so you have to keep looking for things before anything. Once you have done something like that, you will be able to enjoy your wedding and the time spent planning it in its entirety. All this should be done well in advance before the wedding takes place because there will be a lot left to plan before the actual wedding and you do not want to waste valuable time before anything. Thus, you should have ultimate fun and the joy of your wedding, provided that you are able to plan accordingly for it.

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