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Given my best attempts to fail, this banner is still better than most gold guides real banners.So to put it plainly, it’s a big scam. It goes deeper than that though. It goes down to one of the oldest tricks in the Internet scammer’s toolbox. “How to earn maive amounts of money with this PDF”? is the name of the game. How do you earn maive amounts of money with that PDF? Resell the PDF to others through an affiliate program. These gold guides work the same way.

See, it’s called viral money-making or well, take a buzzword and jam “money-making” on the end. It starts at the top, usually with American businesses, which actualize a individual PDF file. They then, in turn, accord it out to humans who wish to “work from home.” They buy a website, put up the HTML files, and again adapt it to accord it that “custom” feel. Then they buy ads and get affiliates who share in their profits when a guide is sold to put their ad on their site.

A consumer comes and purchases the guide. The being who put the website up gets a cut, the aristocrat PDF comminute aggregation gets a cut, and the referrer sometimes gets a cut too (auming they aren’t scammed by some adumbral business practices). The money doesn’t go to the site’s owner, it goes the PDF comminute who spreads the abundance downward. The consumer gets a PDF file full of useless garbage that’s mostly common sense and probably stolen off of a forum or WoW site while the seller has little to no overhead and rolls in the cash.

Of course, you know those shady gold sellers are involved. They accompany in burglary agreeable and reposting it attempting to get humans to buy their wow gold guides as well. You ability stop and anticipate to yourself… how could this be? Wouldn’t they lose business if humans farmed their own gold? No. They don’t. People who buy guides to “earn cash fast” are already desperate. If they’re willing to throw down fifty bucks for a guide, then they’re willing to throw down more money for the actual gold. It’s a double whammy.

So, if you’re thinking about buying one or have a friend talking about buying one, just tell them to drop that gold guide and get some common sense. Pick up a acquisition profession, do your circadian quests, and if you’re acceptable at it, play the market. Buy being if it’s low and relist it for more. There is annihilation out there that is traveling to accomplish you gold faster. Sure there are prime farm spots, disenchanting, and other intricate details, but figuring that out can be done by asking your guildmates, or even posting on our own forums for some advice.

Of course, you could say I’m on a moral soapbox. Stupid humans with money are generally separated, right? Well, yeah. It’s accomplished if you wish to buy a guide. It’s not traveling to aching anyone (although the money could carry appear bad humans somewhere) and you’ll just be out your cash. It’s annoying, though, whenever I can’t seek the chat “gold” after accepting these websites awash up in my face. It’s annoying to go to a site and have one of the ads being a HOW TO FARM GOLD next to HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT FAST and the ads that aren’t necessarily PG but involve lengthening things if you get what I mean.

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