The electronics manufacturing industry, mixed enterprise focused LED innovation and response

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The electronics manufacturing industry, mixed enterprise focused LED innovation and response

According to the latest statistics show that of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, in the first half of this year, China's electronics manufacturing value added grew 14.5%. Month, China's electronics manufacturing sector grew by 15%. In the haze of the international financial crisis, The scale of China's electronics manufacturing industry is steadily improving, restructuring and upgrading to tap new market growth has become the industry consensus. However, unpredictable things can happen. ", The recent United States will be the two parties to raise debt ceiling to reach agreement, experts believe that this will likely increase the inflation pressure of China and other emerging markets, the dollar may also show long-term trend. Coupled with the European debt crisis after another, unfavorable market factors seem to have to let the Chinese electronics manufacturing industry has experienced a baptism. With the market pressures through the transmission chain to upstream suppliers of those devices SMT devices and peripherals industry in turn how to deal with?

Enhance the strength to resist crisis

The international debt crisis undermined investor confidence, far-reaching impact on the global electronics manufacturing.

To maintain a sustained growth, must walk the road of independent innovation, reduce operating costs, improve operational efficiency.

European debt crisis, the U.S. debt deadlock, and international rating agencies Standard & Poor's sovereign credit rating lowered, makes gloomy prospects for world economic recovery, a further blow to investor confidence. Equally far-reaching impact on the global electronics manufacturing. "OK to Chen Hongjun, International, Asia Pacific Sales Director, said, "The immediate impact is weak demand growth, especially the investment trends in electronic products is obvious and even signs of contraction, such as communications network products; long-term impact of a blow to the electronics manufacturing industry investment in this area electronics equipment manufacturers made a deep impression, like last year, booming Dongguan electronic equipment manufacturing enterprises, there is a clear atrophy.

In fact, the international financial crisis in 2008 has become an industry re-shuffling process. The one hand, cost control and management weak overall strength of the company survival is threatened, or even be eliminated; the other hand, in order to meet the increasing demands made by the customer to the manufacturing sector, downstream customers to provide better service, will look for to more opportunities. For this crisis, the companies said repair internal strength "has arrived!

The DEK (DEK), Greater China, electronic assembly, general manager Huang Junrong to "China Electronics News" reporter, said that China's electronics industry in the face of adverse environmental factors at home and abroad, is also facing the problem of restructuring. If you want to maintain a sustained growth, companies must go the road of independent innovation, reduce operating costs, improve operational efficiency. Is also required to adjust the structure, may contain integrated supply chain, both upstream and downstream resource utilization to maximize in order to enhance corporate competitiveness and profitability.

Of course, in the face of the uncertain international economic environment, the main domestic market is a constant theme. Jiali Technology Co., Ltd., general manager Gan Runguang told the "China Electronics News" reporter, depreciation of the dollar is a direct result of the profits of electronics manufacturing companies reduced orders, corporate underemployment, and to accelerate the pace of U.S. imports shrinking, thus making China's exports to the U.S. trade slow further. The U.S. debt crisis is an adjustment of the economy from overheating or bubble economy, because too much emphasis on income, the pursuit of development. For SMEs, the U.S. debt crisis can make those who blindly rely on speculation to capitalize on a sober, real return to the industry, or to improve the technological content of products, increase their competitiveness in the international market, or to vigorously develop the domestic market.

Nuggets LED market

LED industry has become a new growth point for the electronics manufacturing equipment manufacturers.

China needs to increase the introduction of new technologies, new processes and inputs, increase the LED industry talent training and reserve.

It is understood that the electronic manufacturing equipment suppliers to enhance competitive differentiation, and gradually towards custom development, and enhance the customer's sticky, so the LED, solar applications continue to emerge, in which the LED market is particularly noticeable.

It is understood that some famous equipment manufacturers such as Tokyo Juki focus on the promotion of the corresponding substrate 800mmLED long high-speed Modular Mounter FX-3, and compact, high-speed, high performance mounter JX-100LED In addition, Sony also introduced a substrate in the long-size LED placement machine.

For the upstream and downstream enterprises in the electronics manufacturing, the LED is undoubtedly a new growth point. Technology Industry Association (PIDA) is expected, the global LED industry will reach $ 401 billion in 2013, about 2 times in 2011. For the Chinese market, the only listed company of the Chinese domestic LED investment plan of more than 30 billion yuan. The various needs of the LED backlight, LED display, LED lamps and street lamps will continue to grow.

With the development of LED industry and the evolution of manufacturing technology, many companies in their investment gradually increased, such as the LED semiconductor packaging company will have a substantial increase in demand for equipment, equipment trade enterprises tremendous business opportunities. Traditional electronic manufacturing companies will be internal to increase R & D efforts, and external to accelerate the pace of market expansion, as the basis of advantageous resources, backbone enterprises, famous brands and key markets, to large projects, large and big industry breakthrough by industry chain extension and professional market development, and to seize the LED market Heights.

However, Chinese enterprises If you want to be able to accomplish much in the beautiful scenery of the LED market is not easy. For LED applications in China, mainly concentrated in traditional industries, LED high-end industry is facing technical bottlenecks, thereby constraining the development of Chinese industry, which requires the Chinese electronics manufacturing companies to increase technological innovation, plus Ganrun Guang said: large introduction of new technologies, new processes and inputs, increase the LED industry talent training and reserve. "America Lu, president and CEO of Park Chan-LED application field of LCD TVs, monitors, lighting, mobile phone module, can be expected that the LED has a huge market prospects. However, the lack of skilled workers, the development of enterprises encountered some resistance, and drawbacks to the production of enterprises.

According to reports, China is currently facing a difficult employment situation and seek talent difficult situation, companies must invest a lot of time and money to hire the manpower Recruitment. The lack of human resources, resulting in higher production line automation. Can reduce the number of personnel through the automation of production lines. Operating costs by reducing manpower, improve investment in automation, and ultimately to achieve high stability of product quality. But the worrying problem is that in the case of frequently changing production line operators, each staff handover should be retrained, and each will have operating costs. Therefore, the final solution to human problems, only through automation to reduce the demand for personnel.

Consumer electronics fame

The consumer electronics market continues to climb to the SMT manufacturers to bring business opportunities.

New high-end consumer electronics products is not only a great challenge to the assembly, but also makes it difficult to repair.

Occur worldwide multi-debt crisis and economic turmoil in the context of the mobile phone market is still a good momentum for development of smart phone market. According to Strategy Analytics research shows that the second quarter of 2011, global mobile phone shipments in the same period last year rose 13 percent to 361 million units; the second quarter of 2011 global smart phone shipments up 76% over the same period last year, reaching 1.1 million units, a record high. Domestic research firm The data show that the second quarter of 2011, domestic sales of smartphones reached a total of 16.81 million, growth of 7.5%.

In addition, following the iPhone change the mobile phone market, the iPad achievements of another new market, led by Apple's Tablet PC market is detonated. Accompanied by the rapid popularity of the iPad, tablet PCs, smart phones, Internet, home entertainment devices came to the center of the stage to become the new darling of the consumer electronics market. August 15, Google dropped a bombshell, Motorola Mobile announced a $ 12.5 billion in cash, the "shaking" moves once again the consumer electronics market has become very lively, the global consumer electronics market has shown vitality. SMT surface mount applications, inject new elements into the consumer electronics market, showing a trend of rapid development, SMT surface mount manufacturers brought unlimited business opportunities, of course, it also brings more challenges.

Chen Hongjun told reporters, leading mainstream product comes as smart phones, electronic information technology development and product markets, these products are very significant feature in the process - extensive use of components of 01005 and 0.4mm pitch CSP , BTC, POP, and other packages. These packages, in particular, tend to the patent of the BTC, the POP package, the package name, but the process is a big difference, and past experience is difficult to draw, not only to assemble a lot of challenges, but also to repair to bring great difficulties. It is reported that this development characteristics, OK International companies are developing new repair techniques and will be launched rework equipment for fine-pitch components.

View of companies

Jiali Technology Co., Ltd., general manager Gan Runguang

Manufacturing capacity and placement costs are more important

SMT equipment a longer life cycle, but the last couple of years the new equipment is limited, so increasing the pressure of the SMT equipment vendors. To cope with this situation, some equipment suppliers to enhance competitive differentiation, and gradually to the development of customized directions, to keep the client extension, such as access LED, solar energy applications.

We believe that relying solely to enhance the placement machine production speed and lower prices for the upgrading of of SMT existing manufacturing, has been difficult to form a competitive advantage. Instead, the manufacturer is no longer simply consider the life of the machine, but more to consider manufacturing flexibility, productivity, utilization of production lines, availability, upgrade ability to protect capital investment and the assembly yield in order to achieve sustainable production capacity. competitive advantage. The overall manufacturing capacity and mount cost is becoming increasingly important, more and more manufacturers have noticed this.

Therefore, manufacturers have developed a flexible platform to high-speed chip placement solution, providing a full range of solutions, improve equipment utilization and production efficiency and reduce the mounting costs.

In addition, the rising costs of labor and raw materials is a common problem faced by many electronic manufacturing companies, we believe that these enterprises can alleviate this pressure through the refinement of the management of internal operations, improve the management level; reduce intermediate links, to achieve on the market quickly response and cost control; circulation, reduce costs, by changing patterns of development, adjustment and upgrading of industrial structure and change the business model to seek a way out.

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