The effects of asbestos to your lungs

By: Romain Romagnan

There are usually many questions asked when it comes to asbestos. People want to know for example if all types of asbestos can do you harm or if is only some types, but also what are the effects to your body if you happened to inhale asbestos dust.

All types of asbestos are dangerous, even the so called white asbestos which is also known as chrysotile. This type of asbestos has actually been categorised as a category one human carcinogen which means that it can cause cancer. There is still some uncertainty though as to what is the scale of the risk involved. It is true that the risks on human are lower with the white asbestos than with the other types but it can cause cancer and should not be considered as harmless. If anyone thinks there is white asbestos or any other type of asbestos in the building they live or work in, they should quickly contact an asbestos consultants so they can carry asbestos surveys.

It is very important to use a very cautious approach when dealing with asbestos as it can cause a lot of damages to the human body if it is exposed to it for a long period of time.

The effects of breathing asbestos fibres can be deadly and may have three different results.

The first disease you may get is called asbestosis. It can cause irreversible scarring to the lungs for example. To go into more details, it is a chronic inflammatory condition affecting the lungs. The most common result of that is the lung cancer. It is interesting to notice that a lung cancer is more likely to appear if you smoke. The second result of breathing asbestos for a long period of time is actually the lung cancer. Having a lung cancer can usually lead to death.

The third effect of heavy exposure to asbestos is called mesothelioma. It is another form of cancer still affecting your lungs and nearly always caused by heavy exposure to asbestos.

Because asbestos was used so much at the end of the nineteenth century and beginning of the twentieth, it can be found in a lot of building. Asbestos consultants specialised in asbestos management and surveys should be contacted if anybody believe there is asbestos in a building so it can be surveyed and the necessary actions can be taken if asbestos is found after the asbestos survey.

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