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Diamond wedding bands are worth your love and caring that you have for your beloved and girlfriend. Diamond is believed as the most perfect stone to make a perfect wedding or engagement ring for your better half. There is nothing more dear and symbolic for a couple of that priceless moment that you share with your beloved, exchanging vows, and the promise of being truthful for the entire lifetime than the diamond ring. Therefore no matter how costly may it be it is worth the value.

Gold or platinum shares a unique compatibility each other as they look marvelous with each other. The material for the ring may be yellow or white gold or even it can be platinum. Anything you choose for the material for the wedding band rises in its glory when there is a diamond in it. Though. The tradition of the exchange of the bands during the wedding has been an age old custom still having a diamond ring for the wedding was not much affordable by most of the people.

Notwithstanding the matter how much its cost is the diamond gold or diamond platinum ring always good in its feature and finishing. Jewelry artisans also preferred this to make a wedding band. As it is the hardest material and the most precious stone the diamond ring symbolizes eternal love.

Engagement bands made up of gold and with diamond combination can be breathtakingly beautiful. Diamond can complement any metal be it platinum or gold. It looks stunning with both metals. Couples are falling in love with diamond from ancient days notwithstanding the fact it is most costly metal. They prefer it because it rightly matches its beauty with its cost and that is why there is no room for any incongruity.

In earlier days only the kings and the rich were the only people who could afford a diamond ring because of its lack of availability. But now with the help of modern technology the availability is more than enough. Now rich, middle class people can afford a diamond for their wedding. Various diamond companies like DeBeers and others have made this possible. Comparing other metals the cost of diamond is still the highest but the charm of diamond wedding bands or an engagement ring are not replaceable with anything. Therefore even today you need to look on your budget before choosing a diamond ring.

It is often misunderstood that, while diamonds are measured in carats, gold is measured in karats. It’s a measure not of size or weight, but of purity. A 14kt gold ring contains 14/24 pure gold, or about 58%. The purity of platinum (denoted Plat or Pt) is measured on a scale from roughly 900-950 out of 1,000.

A diamond is judged by professionals on how ‘clear’ it is, and the stone is then placed into a category. Beyond the degree of clarity, diamonds - though usually thought of as clear or ‘white’ - can come in any of hundreds of colors.

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