The benefits of Back Support Pillow

By: Joe Golz

The back support pillow, as the name suggests , upholds the back of an individual. People suffering from backaches are those who sit in one place for long time . For instance, most office work place need workers to be seated the same place. As an outcome , such people build up back pain. As a result , if people make use of the back support pillow, it can relieve their pain very much.

The back support pillow is not very soft, instead on average, it is rigid . It is made of foam, fiber, or a mixture of feathers and cotton. Now, what advantage does it give to the back? If people place a back support pillow in the curve or the arch of their lower back, it restores the best position of the spine that is an "S" shape.

Most people feel that back a support pillow is used only whilst driving the car or sitting on chairs. However, persons also have to use a back pillow support while sleeping.

Different Types of Back Support Pillows:

The Lumber pillow:

The lumber pillow is U-shaped or rectangular. It fills the gap created between the spine and chair. People may also use a lumber pillow while driving. In addition to providing support to the spine, this type of back support pillow absorbs the weight that is responsible for back pain.

people may also use a lumber pillow while traveling. A U-shaped lumber pillow is not heavy and portable. It holds up the neck and head of the driver , and relieves the pressure on the muscles of the shoulders and neck. So, use it especially, if someone wishes to sleep in a seated posture.

The Donut Pillow:

The donut pillow has a hole in its center. This type of back support pillow is for people who experience from pain of the tailbone. Especially, pregnant women build up tailbone pain. The donut pillow offers aid to the pain. The central hole of the donut pillow absorbs the gravitational force and eliminates the force on the tailbone.

The magnetic back support pillow:

The magnetic back support pillow is a half roll pillow made of foam. It delivers a bio-north magnetic line , deep into the back and makes easier the pain due to muscle strain, a herniated disc, and sprains in veins of the back.


The above-mentioned are some of the back support pillow available on the market. Many people are using these pillows, as they present a non-invasive technique for easing and eliminating back pain.

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