The Web and Present Existence

By: Sobakin Alex

The whole of everything has its origin. Where is the beginning of the web? It is very helpful to be familiar with the story of the Global Network or the World Wide Web. Everything improves and we change too.

There was an inevitable event in 1957. The Soviet Union launched the 1st sputnik Sputnik 1 into Earth’s orbit. This occurrence interested the world and the USA, who had own projects about sputnik launching. Therefore, the United States Department of Defence ARPA (the Advanced Research Projects Agency) was created. They created the Internet. We will consider this case afterwards. The 1st computer network had a name the ARPANET. The plan for this computer network was presented in 1967. But it was up and working in 1969. There was an access to the computer system that disguised the differences between networks protocols using new primary standards. This was the Internet Transmission Control Program. The Global Network appeared in a nowadays form after the ARPANET bonds outside of the USA were changed to use the new TCP/IP protocol in 1982. There was a system for data hunt in early 1990s called Gopher. You could find the sources with links with the help of this computer program. But at the same time Tim Berners-Lee was designing data management system. It was more interesting programme with the links in the text and links to other works. A server named World Wide Web was developed by Tim Berners-Lee. The access of World Wide Web code into the public domain in 1993 could permit taking advantage of this software without charge for everybody. Mosaic was created the same year. It was the gang of Internet browser and Gopher client program. Mosaic had installation drivers for Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh. The Internet was well-known and there was competition that named the browser wars.

There were first social Global Network portals about 15 years ago. Be certain, the Internet has irrevocably made better our contemporary living. You can choose everything you want to have choosing the Internet sources. You need required search by tag.

Email became the first kind of communication. The intercourse within computer networking is workable with email. Network communication systems fast change in the course of time. Newsgroups were the other stage of progress of it. A real time network communication type is the Internet Relation Chat (IRC). The first and easy for use type of service of network communication like a web-application is guestbook. The reasonable continuance of newsgroups idea is forums. Public relationship can be emerged with people in forums. You may create and control your personal magazine. Just create a blog for this.

We have formed social networking with the assistance of these types of network communication. Most communities use user data logging. Every member must have an account. You operate by the sessions in this network medium. Just write your name or email and certify personality by watchword entering to have access to your account. Also member may adapt the face and enter her or his side data and occupation.

Public networking is feature for provision of sites good attendance and feedback. There are many social web-services called Web 2.0 services in basis of this attitude.

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