The Trump Network Yet One More Health and Wellness Company?

By: Daniel Lucas

The Trump Network is an exciting new MLM company on a mission to transform American health and wellness. Scheduled to launch on November 13 of 2009 in Miami Florida, the Trump Network is a rebranded Multi-Level Marketing version of Ideal Health which specializes in providing custom-tailored health solutions for people. Ideal Health has a history of business since 1997 and will begin by selling three of their products in the Trump Network: the PrivaTest, the healthy Silhouette meal plan, and the QuikStik drinks. The target market includes baby boomer Americans - all of whom need vitamin and nutrient supplements to stay in shape, and the majority of whom need to lose a few pounds. The Trump Network products are supported by extensive reviews performed by the National Institute of Health, the Institute of Medicine, and others. The Trump Network offers a completely new and tailored solution for American health and wellness while also giving business owners an exciting opportunity to profit from this multi-billion dollar industry.

The company and products for the Trump Network presents a solid history that brings unprecedented credibility to the products and business of its representatives. Few companies launch a historically proven product with customer testimonials and a celebrity and big business name like Trump Network. Also, as a result of the nature of revolutionizing products, the timing is always right! While nutritional supplement products are certainly not new, the concept of taking a private test in the comfort of one's home to evaluate the most critical nutritional supplements for the customer-then having those nutritional supplements shipped to the customer's door-is smart and previously unheard of in this industry. Americans desperately need this product. For only $2 per day, Americans have no excuse not to be healthy and well. In addition, numerous new products are planned for introduction in four month intervals. The Trump Network delivers a recognizable name brand with products that are in demand by consumers nationwide.

The compensation plan for Trump Network is more complicated than many network marketing companies and results in paying most people a smaller overall percentage. Based on their website, a representative will make 18% of the cash produced through sponsors and products. The minimum price to enter into the Trump Network is $48, though most top producers would opt to use the FastStart package at a total of $500 in order to get a personally replicated website, discounts for the products, 30 days supply for all of the products, sales aids and DVDs, a higher distributor commission level, and some other bonuses. The payment for a starting recruit at the FastStart level is $100. The Trump Network payment plan is unique in that it pays out the highest potential income for the top levels of independent representatives in the company. This allows the Trump Network to stay very profitable while also generously compensating its top distributors. It also attracts the top marketers to the company in order to earn higher profits. basically, the great number of people making 5 and 6 figures per month in the Trump Network will be veteran marketers who bring previous success in another company. All things considered, the Trump Network payout plan is one of the most profitable among MLM companies.

The company and products are crucial components to success in network marketing, but the truth is that a skillful marketer can be profitable in any business. A solid company like the Trump Network will magnify the profits, but for the newcomers in business, there are many keys to growing a lucrative business that if not followed exactly will lead to failure. It is not so hard that only geniuses with a Masters in Business can do it; the fact is anyone can reach their dreams in business when operating under the proper formula. Another sad fact is that only 3% of network marketers make more than $10 per week. What they lack is the formula to success, and nobody is telling them how to really make money in network marketing. Many people will begin businesses in Trump Network, and statistics support that most people will fail. Treat a business with the Trump Network or any other network marketing company as your own. Discover the secrets that every successful MLM business owner is using. The Trump Network is distinguishing itself as a leader in the industry and offers a great future to the American people and network marketers alike, but business owners must take hold of their future and dreams by educating themselves on how to run a lucrative MLM business.

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The Trump Network Review Daniel Lucas wrote evaluates the Trump Network business opportunity and points new business owners in the right direction to fulfill their dreams. Daniel specializes in helping MLM business owners reach their goals in lead generation and income. His website offers Free Network Marketing Tips

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