The Top Uses for Great Maths Skills

By: Aaron S Barber

Maths is one of those subjects that many of us seem to have an aversion to. It's a very dry subject that requires a degree of mental agility, and we all at some point struggled in an overly difficult maths class with an overbearing maths teacher - which tends to leave a lot of scars.

But maths is a subject that is very much worth learning, and it's one that can help you to accomplish all kinds of amazing things. The ability to hold numbers in your head, to work with abstract concepts and to know your way around mental arithmetic comes into play in a wide range of fields and opens many more doors than just learning how much your shopping list should come to. Here are some of the amazing things you can do with maths.


To understand how the world around you works, you really need to understand physics. Physics explains how particles behave at the most microscopic levels and how this affects the macroscopic world we live in and the forces that govern it.

Much of physics though is theoretical. We have never witnessed dark matter directly for instance and yet we know it exists by observing the rest of the universe. Here, maths is the tool we use to explore the unknown and to make amazing predictions that lead to new inventions and paradigm shifts in the way we think. If there was no maths, we'd have no idea about how the universe works.


You can use maths to understand the fundamentals of the universe then, but this is hardly going to make you rich. Perhaps a more directly useful application of maths then is in playing the stock market. Choosing which stocks and shares to bet on might seem like a matter of reading up on the latest business news, but in reality most traders use a much more systematic approach called 'quantitative analysis'. In other words, they use techniques you were probably taught in statistics to look at the recent behaviour of stocks and shares, and to then predict the direction they are most likely to move in. This way they can drastically reduce the odds of choosing badly and over the course of many transactions they should generally come out with a lot of profit. Fortunately if you can't do this yourself, there is market trading software out there which can help.


Not everyone plays the stock market, because not everyone can afford to make those investments, or feels confident enough to take those risks. However that said, using maths can be useful even if you never go near any stocks and shares, because it will allow you to monitor your own finances and better decide how to spend and save your money. Making budgets, using financial modelling, and choosing whether you can afford to pay for that holiday are all things that you can do more effectively if you have a good understanding of maths. And of course if you run a business, those same skills become immensely more profitable and important.

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