The Top Ten Skateboarding products on the Market Today

By: Robert Thomson

The sport of skateboarding has grown in popularity, especially with the introduction of trick skating and street skating. If you love skateboarding, then you want to buy the right gear. Want to know what the top ten skateboarding products on the market today are; we have listed them for you.

1. Decks or Boards-The main component of a skateboard is the skateboard deck. In choosing your deck you want to make sure it is strong and sturdy. Your personality can be reflected through your skateboard deck as well as your needs, so do some shopping before picking one out. Some popular brands of skateboarding decks include Element and Zero.

2. Skateboard Ramps - Skateboard ramps used to be difficult to build and took up a lot of space. These days for $49 you can buy a variety of ramping units that can be installed in your backyard. If you are old school and want something much more significant, you can still purchase plans to build your own. Different forms of skateboarding require different types of ramps.

3. Grinding Rails - Grinding a rail on a skateboard takes practice and what better way that to have your own at home. Grinding rails are portable and can be set up on your street on in your backyard. Grinding rails start at about $34.

4. Extreme Sports Clothing -Many young skateboard enthusiasts love to match their skateboard apparel with their skateboard decks to give them the complete sporty look. Extreme sport clothing provides functionality, durability and a look to match. Most extreme sports clothes can easily double as casual wear. Besides names like DC Footwear are Vans, Element and Fallen.

5. Wheels -- Skateboard wheels come in a variety of colors, sizes and degrees of hardness. Wheels come in 55-65mm size wheels (though many ramp skateboarders will use even larger wheels or 60mm. Skateboard wheels also vary in hardness and you will choose your wheels based on the type of skateboarding you practice. Best selling brand names for wheels include ABEC-11 and Sector 9

6. Bearings - A skateboard's bearings play an important role in skateboarding as it supports all the movement that is done on the board and is responsible for a smooth ride. Different types of bearings are suitable for different styles of skateboarding. If you just want to cruise around you can look into getting a long-board, which generally provides large and smooth bearings. For modern skateboarding, choose bearings like the Bones Swiss Single Set Bearings. Bearings are made usually made of steel, but with skateboarding being modernized day after day, ceramic bearings are more into fashion. Other best selling brands besides Bones are ABEC-11, Sector 9 and Bear.

7. Helmet - The most important part of protective skateboard gear is the helmet. If you are a beginner and love regular kind of skating, then a customary helmet is good enough to protect your head from side, top and back. However, if you are a professional and love rash high speed, downhill tricks and flips, you should opt for a full face skate helmet which has a chin bar attached and gives full protection to your front face and jaw line.
Protec helmets start about $30. S One is also a good brand and offers great protection and safety. Most brand helmets come in trendy colors.

8. Trucks - A skateboard's truck acts like the axle of a car. Trucks are the metal T-shaped part that mounts onto the underside of the skateboard deck, which the wheels will be attached to. A regular skateboard will have two trucks, each facing one other. Skateboarders who like to customize their decks will choose name brands like Bear, Gullwing, Bennett-Vector and Independent.

9. Bushings - Bushings are rubbery rings that are fit into skateboard trucks. Skateboard trucks usually have two bushings per truck. Some skaters like tighter trucks, usually for more tricks, while other skaters like looser trucks, often for cruising. Bushings need to be replaced in your skateboard trucks throughout time as they break down and stop giving good feedback and springiness upon wear. Popular name brand bushings include Jim Z, Bennett and Bones

10. Instructional DVD - There is nothing like watching the pros perfect the trick you are working on. The instructional DVD is a very popular skateboarding product in that it teaches and motivates skateboarders. Almost Round 3 is one of the most popular skateboarding DVD's and includes the Almost Team with Rodney Mullen, Daewon Song, Ryan Sheckler, Chris Haslam, Cooper Wilt, Greg Lutzka and William Patrick.

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