The Thickness of a Senior Career Person's Watch

By: Sylvia

Season ended the arrival of autumn means that the work of the last quarter of 2010 and in the tension in the curtain opened. Aside design features do not say, professional and, most wearing the watch should have the kind of features?

Speaking of which, many people mention the thin form. According to the most stringent conditions, the thin sheet movement usually within the thickness of 3mm, wait for a table with only the thickness of the whole case is also about 1cm, so you can imagine what kind of talent to have the technology, to be concentrated in the hundreds of parts within the case so thin, so it is definitely "in the refinement of" the. For the appearance, the normally ultra-thin design of the table selected, mostly dress watch, elegant and classic, is it the same style. Because it fit the wrist, worn on the shirt, suit and will not appear in the cumbersome, loved by many workers. The enthusiasm we invited readers to Benjamin feelings with us a pretty good price 4 thin sheet of unique personality.

Benjamin is now the middle of a foreign company, is the most typical of professionals, due to high-end customers have to face every day, so very concerned about its image. For the watch, his request was low-key and very texture. After all, design is too strong or too casual style is not suitable for everyday work wear, practical, not strong enough. And a low-key and tasteful let him watch the exchange process with clients, feel comfortable and confident.

His experience in the share table

For the consumer watch, Benjamin said, when the younger sports watch to buy the vast majority are now also wearing a watch on the wrist marks. At that time he was special emphasis on design and functionality, more rational consumption habits, usually look at magazines, to understand professional evaluation of their favorite styles, go to the store try them on, compare, and ensure that every table not impulse spending. So far, he bought a Tissot, Tag Heuer, Tudor, partial movements are really brand, style is to listen to the brand's flagship model, price is very good, if not the very traditional workplace, can wear. Given what you've got so many sports watch, but also by the limited current working environment, Benjamin decided the next generous, buy a thin sheet, once and for all, not to mention "a little man on the age, or dignified enough to compare with Well ? Haha, "he joked.

He estimated the share table

Men buy tables, is Benjamin described as to "the amount of fine and high quality" one thing "to buy a just a" that awkward. For the watch brand and price, he also half a circle of people, especially thin sheet of this type. First, he can do it to understand two hands the number of brands to come, Also as long as you wear it the workplace will not go wrong, Besides most of the time their "hand" in the workplace in. For such a statement, Benjamin said he "did rigorous market research", 100,000 is a more reliable figure, of course, is completely due to the brand to another.

At that time the judges agreed that the only Blancpain has the most immaculate appearance, no one point on the surface decoration and extra details, the beauty of the simple and powerful to the fullest. One equipped with automatic winding movement, the 188 component parts, thickness of only 3.25 mm, is particularly worth mentioning is that the movement so thin, it also has 100 hours storage, very high-quality.

Harbor extraordinary strength of the avant-garde movement of the big creative

Launched in 2008 only product family table, to 1.85 mm in thickness at the time of the movement to become one of the thinnest movement. The product of its home equipped with manual winding movement type 849, since 1994 inception to its reputation of quality workmanship altar table, the senior watch enthusiasts in the eyes of legendary movement. On the outside, it simple and neat for the demands of both the timeless classic dial design, or in steel or rose gold carving of the case lines are no exception.

Earl (Piaget) in the field of watches and jewelry, the count with a unique oriental charm, and just like its name, noble, refined, traditional temperament is that it has won numerous reasons for Chinese consumers. Do not because it was too glittering jewelry while ignoring its accomplishments in the field of professional watch; count the ultra-thin form, absolutely considered dominant party.

Blancpain (Blancpain) as the oldest and the oldest watch brand, Blancpain watch for the assiduous and steady improvement in skill is obvious to all. It's the classic table-based low-key, almost two years some breakthroughs in the design of self, so that the brand value more perfect.

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