The Theta Brain Wave And Riding Horses

By: Asara Lovejoy

When I was a young girl I lived on a ranch with sheep, cattle, pets and especially my best friends, our horses. As an eight-year-old little girl, I was warned of the dangers while I was also taught to care for these beautiful creatures.
I was told to especially watch the teeth and feet. I was taught to walk around horses carefully and to make sure when I put the saddle on to cinch it tightly. These were at the top of the must watch out for list of orders.
There also was another list of rules. This was the list of what I needed to know not to do. You can ride, dad would say, but dont ride too far, too fast, dont run the horse, dont let him have his head, dont let him eat grass while you are riding him, dont let him drink water when he is hot, and dont fall off because youll hurt yourself.
I was pretty depressed about riding by the time dad got through with all the rules, which he absolutely never missed every time I rode, which was every day. I started with a great deal of excitement and zeal and confidence in myself that I could ride, and ride well, but by the time I got onto the horse I was pretty terrified that I'd do it all wrong, let the horse get away from me, injure the horse in some way by bloating from drinking water, or over eating, or falling down a gopher hole because I was riding too fast, or hurt myself by falling off and down that long, long way to the ground. That was a pretty big burden for an eight year old.
It seemed that my special horse, Miss Tiny, listened in to our conversations because she would turn her head right when dad was giving me the what to be afraid of, and what not to do list, neigh a little, shake her head and then look away. I noticed that she was right on cue every time with the same action. Then when I mounted my horse and settled in the saddle she would turn her head look back at me and seem to send me a quiet message, "OK that's over let's go and have a great ride".
Within no time, once my ride began, a feeling of peace and rightness with the world would come over me. The fear and anxiety of doing something horribly wrong was overcome with peace, fun, and confidence that I could do anything riding her. She truly was my best friend as a child.
As an adult, I compare the "fearful don't do it wrong - have to get it right" part of me to operating in my ordinary every day beta mind. And I also compare the confident, relaxed, joyful one who has discovered the Miss Tiny experience in my theta brain wave to living in The One Command.

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