The Small Luxury with Lots Knowledge - How select the first "million watch"

By: Emma Beth

The Small Luxury with Lots Knowledge - How select the first "million watch"

"Worked for many years, and claims can be as small luxury, did not hesitate to buy a piece of a good watch directly encourage your own." Many work elite end of the first life watches is placed "great expectations", in the end to what conditions would make they love the watch very much and let others do admire? With David's experience we will see whether inspired you in buying the watch.

Purchase from Budget: 20,000 to 30,000 of larger space

Compared to mobile phones, computers, high-end watches are purchased as luxury inputs. David prepared for the 2 million to 3 million budget, leaving room for different properties. "The investigation is understood that the watch is definitely a functional product, and with the added functionality, the price is definitely gone up. And more similar brands, features, materials, styles have their own characteristics, there is no professional advice, I really do not know how to choose. "

Purchase form requires: wild watch for easy maintenance

David's first high-end watch though is many expectations, but not extravagant. He does not require complicated functions, "As a beginner, a complex function of the watch daily basic access, the basic functions on the line, I hope the essential consumption." Secondly, he asked the watch wild, but also wants to watch sale service quality, "as always to travel around the country, can hope to enjoy the service all over the country, so it would be more at ease in maintenance."

Brand expectations: a pragmatic quality brand classic

"Having studied the various proposals being accepted by the majority of the brands are basically more practical than the low-key brand, and since as a luxury investment, I do not want the first watch is too low-key, everyday exposure to the brand can be the best." David hopes his first watch will have a public nature, and brand reputation good enough. "I like mechanical watches with steel strap, more durable, but best to replace the strap, and occasionally put on leather straps can be used as two watches. In a calendar and dual time zone feature is more appropriate and more waterproof for my kind of sloppy person. With their own expectations and budget values, I mainly in the Longines, Movado, radar, Mido, Swiss Cartier, and several other classic brands to choose between. "
Alternative reference: the formation of form for easy selection

To facilitate selection, David made a careful preparation, and several watches meet the conditions to make a watch. "I put the function, brand, price and other key elements to form a form, such comparison at a glance, easy to pick."

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