The Significance Of Out Of Body Experience

By: Abhishek Agarwal..

What Happens During Out of Body Experience? - As the name implies, an individual who undergoes an out of body experience perceives the "real" world outside of his or her physical body. It is not quite an uncommon experience and experts even suggest that a large percentage of individuals experience this phenomenon at least once their lifetime.
If you've experienced an OBE, it feels more like a dream. However, those who've experienced it say it appears to be more real than a dream. That separation of your consciousness from the physical body allows for you to objectively see your physical body. What makes this different from a dream is that the images perceived and the dimension appears more real. Also, your ability to control your exploration isn't something that you can do while dreaming but is only available through astral projection.
Causes and Consequence - Astral projection is about the separation of your consciousness from the physical body in order to explore new dimensions outside of the realm known to the physical. Many falsely delegate this experience as a form of delusion, but it is supported by research studies that such experiences are produced via normal brain processes. In fact, the reason behind why they appear to be real is that they happen while your body is conscious despite the fact that you loss your sensory input.
Hence, it is expected that those who go through OBE will have varying experiences and observations about it. But among those recognized similar observations included strange noises such as hissing or other sounds, and vibrations.
An out of body experience has been recognized to likely happen during conditions of sleep paralysis. To sum it up, it is during times when your mind is awake but inactive such as sleeping, lying down, or resting. This also explains why people who attempt to project are required to achieve certain levels of relaxation that enables the subconscious mind to take over.
Why Do People Seek It? - Astral projection offers different kind of benefits to different people, based on their motivation for experiencing it. But all of these differing experiences are central to one basic idea that holds them together, which is the ability to unearth more important details about the human consciousness' spiritual aspect.
1. Reconnection to your spiritual identity. The ability to increase awareness of the physical world in which you live in is just one aspect of your astral travel. There is also the ability to get acquainted with your spiritual self. Entering a new dimension that is beyond the familiar enables one to overcome the fear of the unknown and death.
2. Increased spiritual knowledge. When you went through this type of experience, you will begin to understand yourself as more than just a matter that exists, but rather you will have a deeper concept of your own existence. Several cases of people having expanded their inner wisdom resulted from a deep spiritual experience, and the same can be said of OBE.
3. Curiosity's sake. Even your curiosity can be triggered by a much deeper motivation, either to explore other dimensions that only few ever know about. Astral projection is probably the only method that allows you to go that far in your exploration. It is not just about your "other body" but the other existing dimensions as well.
The evidence is indeed growing in terms of reports of out of body experience and these are utilized to gather a deeper understanding of what lies beyond the world that we know.

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