The Secret of Our Underwear

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1. Deeply, truly, fully plump for plump Chanel Tote Bags design of this bra, the cup deep, large, Lycra and bottom are wide, shoulders strap and elastic. Close to the chest the whole bra, breast fixed to live well, so you move freely; same compact form, the breast without a sense of relaxation. Some of the tulle bra cup inlaid top and bottom with different colored embroidery lace, even more gentle temperament, make you no matter what field units have to attend a self-confidence from the bottom of the chest.

2. Female female full lace styles this half cup bra, with thin straps, feminine, very suitable for small size ladies wear. They spare body, not tall chest, should not wear full-cup bra. This half cup bra with a jack-shaped the role of the breast, the chest, upright shape. Can be fitted with wear a low collar, decorated with shiny necklace between items, attendance at meetings is very decent.

3. Slimwaist thin waist style underwear bra which is fixed, features to control the waist, the slender waist. Bra 3 / 4 cup, bowl-shaped steel prop will push the breast, waist underpants tighten waist. This is a slightly plump body suit can make the body curves Bump delivered, full performance of female body. Good with a skirt suit, so that more light and elegant graceful posture.

4. Elegant this underwear is very elegant and refined style, dark-colored fabric decorated with gold lace. Half-cup bra prop, the lateral strap is suitable for lady with dark thin shape low-cut evening dresses. If the cockroach is relatively full, it is best not vote for this section, the cup because it is often a small, padded inside, not suitable for breasts.

5. Partycolours party most suitable for this type worn on important occasions. Whether wedding, party together, or all the important social events. Bra slightly prop chest, tighten the waist, the dress is fit to wear a skirt on the body. Off the shoulder strap is available, it is prepared to wear skirt bare shoulder? Ladies wear for all kinds of shape.

6. Starlet Star-style bra that really a star effect. Magic cup shape to the chest, half-cup to hold up the breast, wearing a strapless fit with bare shoulders and back skirt. Smooth silk fabric, can be worn directly on the outside, just wear pants with a skirt can be. For the good performance of export-oriented self-President, this section will add to her sexy and gorgeous temperament.

7. Fire and brimstone fire-style bra is not just because the red color is referred to as fire type; it is even more dazzling and sexy styling. Cup and no additional padding inside, just the design style of the prop to make the breast look round, which is commonly known as "magic bra." As the role of the two cup angle, this section can be put behind the breast into the center to create cleavage; waist underpants tighten the waist to show the whole body, "devil" effect.

8. Ultra light revealed type it is a soft light. Within the tissue without elastic fabric molded cups or pads, so full of vivid, such as skin-like texture. Steel, molded shape of the breast care round, double spaghetti straps pull the breast effectively, so that wear effects of both natural and dynamic relaxation not out of shape to the chest. Coupled with a shiny makeup and pendant style is very fashionable. Tulle skirt can be equipped with a variety of elegant meeting at

9. Skin incognito not only in the material on this paragraph as delicate as the skin elastic, and the color of theChanel Jewelry, is designed for tight-fitting light-colored exterior design. The entire breast cup well fixed, the exterior does not matter how tight revealing clothing bra marks. This is very suitable for young family; it is the closest color as the foundation, no matter how you wear on top with any style and color of the clothes are not revealing clues.

10. Sporty is not it a sports underwear, sports underwear but a style similar to the function of the underwear. It is characterized by cup-shaped mold cup, chest features a prop, side straps pull the cup-shaped create full effect. This is the kind of equipment is the foundation of the bra, has a good stealth effect. But note that this section not suitable for full body.

11. Glamour charming style that a piece bra, the cup used the low point of intersection of the die cup shape, but also the role of steel prop, hold up the breasts were high, significant cleavage. Strengthen the lining of the abdominal pressure to form beautiful flowing lines. Can wear pants with skirt plus shawl; this is the perfect costume party or reception

12. Relaxed refreshing style of this style bra fabric, mostly cotton fiber quality and expanded. Colors are light green, light blue, white and dark blue, etc., are young girl’s style. For this series of underwear and jeans, cotton clothing to match, but also with light halter top, skirt or blue dress with flowers.

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