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Decorating herself with ornaments is the tradition since ancient times. Women are not considered completely ready when they have no jewelry. That trend is the reason of emphasis on jewelry by the women. They all are crazy about the latest variety of designs and wants to impress each other by the collection of their jewelry. Gold jewelry has no match but its increasing cost has made other metals more popular among ladies.Silver as we know is much cheaper than the gold. It is considered less comfortable to wear as compared to gold. But now in the market designs of fine silver celery are present and ladies are attracted by it. As gold is the symbol of hot related to sun while silver is considers as moon like coldness. One is golden while other is silver. Silver jewelry is as much flexible as the jewelry of gold. One may wear it not only casuals but also on the party wears. So it is suggested that to be a sensible lady you must have a collection of silver jewelry in your box.

Like gold you can wear it at home or any party or you are going to visit beach. You may wear it on any type of dress. Either it is a stalwart kames or a skirt. It suits on every type of dress. Blue, grey and white and petals are the best colors for the matching of silver jewelry. It is considered as it is most suitable for the cool colors instead of suiting with the fast colors like maroon, red or green.If you are fair colored lady and God has blessed you with beauty and good complexion then no doubt it will enhance the beauty of you. Pinkish tone and fair colors are best for this jewelry but it does not mean that the people who have dark complexion or olive tone can not wear this jewelry. Everyone has his own charm and her own selection of particular design can make things suitable for her.

The disadvantage of this jewelry is the demand of care by you. Gold jewelry has no need of caring we can place it any where in any box or we can wear it even after using fragrances but silver jewelry can not be kept carelessly or it can not be worn on the dress with spray. Else its color will be fade.Silver is too soft to wear that’s why it is mixed with copper. The jewelry we wear is the mixture of 92.5 percent silver and the rest is copper. That’s why it requires more care. The problem that is present with copper that it tarnishes the color of jewelry if not treated properly. Tarnish loses the luster of silver jewelry’s it needs a great care to be treated. It can not be kept like other jewelry in the boxes openly. It is wrapped in the tarnish bags or cloths for its safety. in the end we can say that silver jewelry is also getting popularity because of its low cost but it must be kept with great care.

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