The Rise of 5D Cinema

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The Rise of 5D Cinema:

Gone are the days when one used to think twice before starting a business in India. With number of wealthy Indians on the rise, the spirit of entrepreneurship is catching up fast in this traditionally salary oriented country. The need for exciting new ideas that bring good returns has made many entrepreneurs think out of the box. One such exciting business potential is the 5D cinema concept.

With the rise of the mall culture, more and more number of brands are moving away from their high street boutiques. People in general are finding it more comfortable to spend time inside these climate controlled mega malls rather than roam about the streets. With the footfalls increasing everyday, mall managements have sought out different attractions and entertainment concepts to try and engage the average window shopper.

Cinemas are not a new concept to the average Indian public. With Bollywood churning out more than a 1000 films each year, the cinema going culture is here to stay. To spice up the average cinema experience, technology experts have been working to improve the effects in cinema halls by incorporating better surround sound, digital picture quality, comfortable seats and what not.

5D cinema brings together the best in the field of audiovisual entertainment with special emphasis on recreating the on screen action inside the auditorium itself. The concept of 5D cinema has long been in existence where over the years many technology stalwarts have tried their hand at better entertaining the average common man. The contemporary 5D cinema concept is nothing but an amalgamation of ideas that have been studied over many years in trying to understand what would ultimately turn out to be a path-breaking innovation in entertainment.

A typical 5D cinema consists of chairs that move about their three basic axes (also known as 3 DOF) integrated with in-built seat effects like leg tickling, water mist, air jet, back poker, bottom poker and neck air blast. The seat effects are also coupled with theater special effects like wind, rain, snow, bubble, smoke, aroma, thunder and lightning to name a few.

5D cinemas usually feature a 5-10 minute short movie that is specifically designed to showcase the different effects of the theater itself. These movies are typically what are known as ride movies. However, longer movies of durations up to even 60 minutes are not unheard of. Although the movies are called 5D movies, they are essentially only 3D movies.

5D theaters are increasingly in demand due to the simple fact that this type of attraction although very old in the western countries, is still very new in the Indian market. The potential associated with these types of theaters has increasingly led to the fact that these days even mall owners themselves have started operating them on their own due to the excellent returns and negligible maintenance.

The ever-increasing demand for 5D cinema setups have also resulted in many trading companies that claim to real manufacturers. News of cheap imports from China that are rebranded and sold in India is very common. Manufacturing a 5D motion chair is very complex and there are very few companies in the world that have excelled in perfecting the art.

One such company that first broke into the simulator motion chair scene as early as the year 2000 is the Chennai based Bluechip Amusements. With a long tradition of manufacturing of modern hi-tech components, Bluechip Amusements is a part of a larger group of companies called Sudarsan Group having diversified interests like retail and industrial storage systems, automobile components, tools and die making etc.

Bluechip Amusements was the first company to independently develop an indigenous simulator platform capable of seating up to 24 people. This herculean effort of developing a homegrown system in part led to the success of Bluechip as a brand that has come to be known for its high standards of quality and reliability.

Bluechip has since gone on to introduce different models including 5D motion chairs powered by both hydraulic and pneumatic systems. With the growing need for a reliable and long lasting product, Bluechip Amusements strives to be a leader in its own right by bringing together the best in the world in terms of technology, service and guarantee.

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