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By: Abbacus Technologies

If you wish to market and promote your company for more customers and profits, you must get familiar with the word "banners". Banners are very old concept. In the past there used to be cloth banners then came plastic and flex and vinyl. Today there are many ways of marketing today, however, print media is still popular and effective medium of marketing. Print marketing is for hoardings or billboards on the roads. This is done usually when you have a colossal business, and you are directly dealing with people. But what if you are running a business that is small or medium sized, and you wish to attract customers towards you?

In this case, you have to use another print media. Sometimes you have to deal with in door marketing. If you are running a company which is offering services to other businesses around. The best example would be a restaurant. In such a case, you might have to use a roll up banner. Roll up banners are a common marketing print medium for marketing inside your office or at your doorsteps. The fundamental role of a roll up banner is to offer you with a strategy of marketing strategy which can help you to convey your message to your customers, passing through or visiting your office.

Similarly banner designs are done on websites too. Yes, banner designs entices the visitors to click the ads. If you wish to know more about banner ads designs then study the banners used by majority of companies. Now let's understand this clearly. Two types of banners designs are used; first type uses human or a human like characters in the design of a banners. And the second type uses content and some designs in banner ads. When human images are used in banner design you have to consider two thing:

* Hot spot
* Hand and Eye

Hot spot is the place where you wish to see your customer. It can be a product image, product price or an image of a Click Here. This should be attractive that can lure people to click.

Hand and Eye, this is very important part of an image. This is with reference to where the human image sees or shows. If a person in the image see us we just see that person but if that person see any other part of the image our eye will be directed to that place. This is a hot spot. The combination of both will improve the click through rate.

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