The Right Subliminal CD May Help Change A Specific Behavioural Pattern

By: Vikram Kuamr

It is necessary to understand the concept of subliminal messages before you download a recording or subliminal CD. You listen to a recording of positive affirmations and this will eventually bring about a change in your way of thinking at the subconscious level. Many Neuro-linguistic and Behavioural Therapy programming schools use this type of subliminal messaging to boost the confidence level of the listener and motivate him to achieve his goals.

Each recording may contain about twenty to forty statements that are repeated over and over to strengthen, enhance and change the individual’s beliefs and thoughts. Since it is not the same as conscious exercises, the process may have to be repeated multiple times in the affirmative to make a subconscious change. Users may notice a change after two weeks after listening eight to ten hours a day. You can listen to the subliminal CD at night or during the day, when you are driving or when you are exercising. Within a month, you will find better results as you notice that you are changing your beliefs and behaviour patterns as the positive affirmations make a change. For some it may take as long as eight weeks before they notice any change.

Never play the program too loud as you may find that the level gets distorted and introduce a bleed-through with crackly voices. Some may hear high pitched noises. Make sure you set the volume at the right pitch when you can hear the message as you place your ear close to the speakers. These are points to check when you get your subliminal download.

Nearly twenty to forty affirmations are carefully crafted in a subliminal message. Check out the company before you purchase the product to ensure that they concentrate on psychological theories that are contemporary and refrain from purchasing products that do not help the rational mind. Make sure that they offer a few free downloads when you wish to make a purchase and ensure good quality. The user listens to the download and finds that it brings them great happiness or goads them to changing their way of thinking and gaining confidence at the same time.

The normal program runs for about 30 minutes and you can request for a Female as well as Male track to listen to the same. This will give you an idea of what to expect and know whether it works for you. Some people may not believe in the power of subliminal messages and the way it can transform one’s lives. Therefore, it is better to check out the subliminal download that is offered for free before selecting the topics that you would like to hear with positive affirmations when you are out driving, or at night when you sleep. You should continue to hear the recording over and over till the change that you desire takes place and produces optimal effect.

Many people believe that the best time to listen to these subliminal messages is at night when you are sleeping. It is not only convenient but the brain is in a state where it cycles into Delta and Theta wave states and is therefore receptive and accepts easily.

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