The Right Leaders for Your Sea Fishing Tackle

By: DanPartridge

Leaders are necessary parts of sea fishing tackle. They protect the line from getting cut.

Anglers are rather divided when it comes to the question of whether a leader should form part of what is considered to be good sea fishing tackle or not. Many fishermen would rather not use leaders when they go out to fish, whilst just as many prefer not to leave out their leaders from their sea fishing tackle.

The thing is, a lot of fishermen, even the veteran ones, underestimate the importance of having a good leader in one’s sea fishing tackle. Its main function is to protect the line from being cut, frayed or tangled by fish with sharp teeth or gills. Out at sea, most fish to be caught have either sharp teeth or sharp gills, if not both. A secondary function of a leader is to make it easier for the fisherman to change hooks and lures whenever it is necessary to do so.

Before we go into a detailed discussion on leaders as part of good sea fishing tackle, we should define first what a leader is. A fishing leader is a thin piece of metal that has an eye on one end and a pin catch on the other. The fishing line is attached to the eye by threading the line through it and then knotting it securely, whilst the hooks and the lures are held in the pin catch.

There are three major types of leaders available in the market, you can either make your own or buy them from a sea fishing tackle shop. The three major types of leaders are:

1. Monofilament. Monofilament leaders are basic leaders. They are metal threads that that perform the base function of leaders – to protect the line from being cut.

2. Fluorocarbon. Fluorocarbon leaders are transparent, and this quality makes it ideal for them to be used in waters that are clear and full of wary fish. Fluorocarbon leaders are practically invisible in clear water.

3. Steel. Steel leaders are very strong. They are great for use when fishing in waters infested with fish with really sharp teeth such as barracuda, bluefish and mackerel.

There are also hybrid leaders, created from a combination of monofilament and fluorocarbon or any other material, such as plastic.

Leaders should be made part of any sea fishing tackle set because it can spell the difference between going home from a fishing trip with an empty icebox and a full one. Really, the game fish at sea can be wily and they can cut a naked line that is not protected by a leader. It would be a shame to lose a catch that way, especially when you have almost succeeded in landing it in the boat.

To make your leader more effective, you should keep the whole assembly as simple as possible. Just attach your hook and your lure to the leader and tie the whole thing to your line. If you hang any more stuff on it, you will only end up scaring the fish away.

A good leader is an essential part of your sea fishing tackle. Always have your leaders ready in your sea fishing tackle box before you sail out to sea.

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