The R4 Card: The Great Flash Card Used with the Nintendo DS & Lite consoles

By: Faruk

Are you on the look out for an R4ds card? Now, are you confused about where to find an R4ds card, how to play it or how to upload games to it? Ok, initially all have the same experience. People at first cannot understand how to buy and play r4 sd card. Here is a discussion on the r4 card.

An r4ds card is like any other SD card. The r4 ds, also known as R4 Revolution, is a next generation flash card used with the Nintendo DS & Lite consoles. Currently it is the top-of-the-line in DS SLOT-1 flash carts. R4 ds is a wonderful little device like original DS cart size and is the easiest media enhancer ,which brings complete solution with no need to purchase any additional components or deal with any messy software.

If you own any regular DS/DS lite , R4DS is a must have peripheral for you. Presently the R4DS is one of the most popular NDS card. It will totally unlock your Nintendo DS console.

The R4 ds Card will enable your cart to accept a MicroSD memory card - which in turn means you can now watch movies, play music, browse pictures, read e-books and store hundreds of homebrew apps all on the this little but powerful Nintendo DS flash card.

However, if you like to watch movies, the best movies to convert to use with the R4 DS would have to be I pod movies. The I pod movies are just the right resolution to be using and will convert much quicker than movies made to watch on PC's or TV.

R4ds cards are available in various sizes. It does not matter whether you want a 2 GB card or 16 GB; Ra4DS cards are available for you in a variety of such memory cards with top quality.

The skins collection for the R4 DS is also huge in the market. Almost over 5000 skins are available online from various skins sites. In fact, there are more skins for the R4 card then any other card on the market.It is kind of neat if you want to make your R4 look just like your favourite movie or game.Some of the R4ds skins look amazing. If you buy an R4DS, make sure to check out their skin site as you won't be disappointed.

Now if you want to buy R4 ds cards, the internet is the great place. There are some really good online shops who sell the different kinds of memory card including R4ds cards. You can simply browse the product you want on R4DS and enjoy your online shopping.

It is cost effective. The R4 DS retails for around $50 - $60AUD, which in the end is a great price compared to other cards on the market, such as DSXtreme the only high-rated slot 1 Nintendo DS flash card to date which retails for 3 times the cost of the R4SDS.

Presently the R4DS seems to be the most successful DS flash card on the market and has not stopped the sales of this great little card now after 18-months of its release. R4 DS, which is 100% compatible, is quite easily one of the best slot 1 Nintendo DS flash card on the market.

So, welcome to the world of R4ds .If you want to buy R4 DS, you are surely choosing a definite winner in the Nintendo DS flash card arena.

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