The Proper Golf Swing is Truly Stress-free, in Fact it's a Simple Golf Swing

By: Phil Boren

Golf in itself is a simple game to comprehend, hit the ball into a hole. Sounds uncomplicated enough, but understanding the golf swing is a difficult task. Learn to have a simple golf swing and you will certainly have a proper golf swing.

A golfer not using a simple golf swing is one big reason 80 percent of golfer’s never accomplish a handicap of less than 18. This single-handedly will cause you not to be consistent with your golf swing. Learning to have a good consistent swing and most of your golfing difficulties will dissolve.

One of the central things to help you with consistency in your swing is always to remember to hit the ball square, this will get you shooting longer distances any time and that in itself can shave off 6 to 12 or even more strokes off your score. Having a simple golf swing will surely improve the consistency of your swing. With a simple swing you have no useless movement and is easier.

Keeping your swing simple is one of the top and easiest ways to improve your game each and every time.

Having a even spine during your swing is one great tip to a simple swing. Using your spine as an axis for your body rotation will aid you by simply keeping your spine straight. Many golfers make this fault and have a lot of movements that are unnecessary wasting a lot of energy. Be sure to coil around your spine and prevent hip rotation to the least amount possible.

Keeping your spine straight will involuntarily limit your hip rotation when you swing. Hip rotation will make you sway when you are swing, which is not key to a good swing. You can keep the sway out of your swing by remembering to only swing around your spine.

Another vital part of your is the power in your swing. Many people seem to believe that to get a powerful swing you need to pull the club back as far as possible, when the key to a powerful swing is only pulling back sufficient to coil around your spine.

When you are looking for the easiest way to improve your game quickly it may not be as difficult as you would imagine. Using the simplest golf swing for you using the correct power will have you on top of your game in a short amount of time.

Using a consistent simple golf swing helps you play even in the tensest of games and playing settings. This will help you find the proper golf swing for you and hurl your confidence soaring.

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