The Perfect Job Pitch

By: Luke Peterson

The number of food jobs in Pennsylvania is large. It ranks in the United States' frontiers of agricultural production. Wine making and the production of mushroom and apples are just some of its pride in the industry. The state's capital, Philadelphia, is home to Aramak and Crown Holdings Incorporated. The former is a popular food service nationwide while the latter is a metal company specializing in beverage and food cans. Meanwhile, Pennsylvania also where the headquarters of the world's famous ketchup, Heinz, is situated. Consequently, there are countless of job seekers in the industry. The question is, how will you stand out?

Among the tips in job hunting is making the best resume and writing an effective cover letter. However, the rule of the thumb is, there must be a teaser that will encourage employers to even consider reading anything that you have sent. Hence, making the perfect pitch is the tip to advance yourself in your job application. By giving a razor sharp two sentence about yourself gives you an edge among the boring list of skills that common seekers of jobs do.

The first step to making a perfect pitch that embodies what you can do for the company is finding out exactly what you can do. Make a list of your accomplishments and describe them. You may also include your relevant academic experiences, your hobby outside school, other activities that in final analysis can assist you to be successful in your quest for the food jobs in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is then important to research about the company.

The next step is to analyze which are closely related to your objective. Once you are done, remove those that can also be enclosed with the others in general. The point is to make a short description that will inspire further discussion of your core competencies. A line or two that like a product advertisement, will intrigue consumers to try it. In this case, the goal is to excite employers to consider reading your resume.

Focusing on the accomplishment that says best about you if the company hires you is the third. Food jobs in Philadelphia may be diverse but it is still essential that the statement highlights most about you and what you want to be. Avoid using technical terms that may confuse the recruiter. Just make it simple and use a casual tone.

Lastly, master your point. Understanding your message by heart will save your from memorizing word from word. As a result, the chances of making a mistake will be slim. A memorized script may sound monotonous. Whereas, if you know it by heart, you can edit it and use it in any way that would best suit the situation in looking for food jobs in Philadelphia. Y

You can also practice an actual conversation by looking at the mirror. This will help you rehearse your facial expression and be confident when talking to the potential employer. Being aware of how you look is essential to being confident.

In summary, with hundreds of competitor for food jobs in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a short and professional message could be the key to edge your hunt. Delivering a perfect pitch is your way to impress recruiters in the short time you will given.

The perfect pitch for job, however, can only be effective if you combine it with the general tips you get for an interview. Be punctual. Be at the venue at least fifteen minutes before the scheduled interview. The grace period will allow you to go to the bathroom without asking the interviewer to wait. You can also rehearse your job pitch and review your resume. More importantly, punctuality is the first thing that any job requires. Arriving on time is half way to landing your place in the food jobs in Pennsylvania.

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Luke Peterson is a career consultant by profession and a freelance writer. He writes articles on different subjects relating to human resource management and career building. In the given article, he highlights various aspects of food jobs in philadelphia PA.

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