The Only Way

By: Jeffrey A Solochek

Every year in October the Stock Market has a setback called Black Monday. The reason for this is the pricing has inflated over the past year and all of a sudden the market gets a slap in the face and the pricing goes down to a more realistic value. The economy is now going through a black Monday cycle which has escalated into a giant chain reaction.. Twenty years ago I could buy a Nissan Sentra for only $6,700 but in 2009 you cannot buy one for less than $15,000. A 150% price increase during the last two decades.

Pricing over the last 20 years has inflated and people no longer will pay these prices. The only businesses that will survive are the ones that are able to bring their pricing down and yet stay in business. The reason all the car manufacturers are suffering is because rather than re price their models they want everybody to bail them out yet they want to keep their pricing the same. Look at Ford, if you buy one of their cars and for some reason lose your income then for the next year you will not have to make any payments. Other manufacturers are doing similar things.

Twenty years ago I could attend a small college and pay only about $5000 for a complete 2 year program. In 2009 my wife is attending a small school and it now costs over $20,000 for a 2 year program as a medical assistant. By the time she graduates she will owe over $15,000 just in Student Loans. A lot of manufacturers are now giving away their products to students and the unemployed. Adobe will give the unemployed free software. This is software they normally charge over a thoiusand dollars fort. Microsoft will give up to a 90% discount to students. Sun will give away training to students.

Restaurants that have a dollar menu will be the only ones that will survive the current economic conditions. Starbucks is closing hundred of stores because their pricing remains the same as when the economy was good. The reason Dunkin Donut's and McDonalds is able to survive is because they offer alternatives to people on a budget.

Our current crunch is a slap in the face. No more do people want to pay the pricing. The only other way for our world to overcome the current situation is the elimination of money altogether.. If we cannot survive in our own world how can we hope to go beyond our current boundaries and see life on other worlds? The one who makes the most money wins the game needs to be eliminated. We need to refocus. We need to pursue making the world a better place. We need to eliminate crime, money, poverty, homelessness and suffering.

Unemployment in 2009 is at an all time high. At no other time in our history has the unemployment rate been as high as it is today. In the middle East unemployment reach’s about 45%. In the US some cities have reached an unemployment of almost 23% If we eliminated money would the unemployment rate still be this high?

Two books that show you everything that is now happening and what needs to be done are “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand and Star Trek The Next Generation. I strongly believe that Gene Roddenbery had a message for us all and he portrayed this message in his creation of Star Trek.

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Jeffrey A. Solochek grew up in WhiteFish Bay, Wisconsin but now resides in Brunswick, Georgia. He is an established authority on his niches of life, business, and marketing. Mr Solochek has a lot of great experiences and he writes about everything leaving out any sugarcoating. All his writings containsNo BS, No Fluff

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