The Only Daegan Smith Review You'll Ever Read

By: Jordan Schultz

Daegan Smith is one of the coolest internet marketers I've ever met. Although I've never really met Daegan, I've certainly learned a lot from him on multiple training webinars. Each time after I got off of the training, I was not only blown away by his results and the content he shared freely, but my head was spinning with ideas. I couldn't fall asleep for almost 3 hours after I got off a 2 ½ hour training with him at 11:30 PM.

This Daegan Smith review is going to briefly cover his life, but more importantly, it's going to cover why he's been so successful. Here's a quote from Daegan that he also implements himself, "The money you spend to put stuff in your head, is bar-none the best thing you can spend your money on." When he was starting out a guru offered him a chance to sit by his side and look at his business from the inside for $10,000 and he took it.

Before I tell you why Daegan Smith is the coolest internet marketer I've Ever Met, I'm going to tell you a little about his personal life. He started wrestling in the 6th grade, and when he started high school he had always dreamed of being the just like the varsity wrestler who was constantly winning medals. So Daegan lifted weights, worked out, and trained for four years until he achieved his goal. His wrestling career didn't end until he graduated from college years later.

Above and beyond being involved in wrestling in college, Daegan Smith majored in biology and minored in chemistry, as he wanted to become a doctor. He chose to be a pharmaceutical sales person to get in touch with all of the doctors and get their opinions. The one thing that all of these doctors told him was that he shouldn't become a doctor unless he could do something that he absolutely loved. The Money was great, but being a Doctor left very little time for a family life or a social life for that matter.

After hearing from all these other doctors, Daegan decided he'd rather become an entrepreneur than a doctor. The first thing he decided to learn more about was real estate, because that's a big money business. So Daegan found himself at a convention that he learned about on an info-mercial. While he was at the event someone on stage began talking about Making Money Online, which He had never heard of before. Instantly Daegan Smith was hooked on the idea of making money from home on the internet.

Daegan Smith did what a lot of new comers do, and the exact same thing that I did when I first got involved. He searched on Google, and came across Google Cash. That didn't work out too well for him, but it certainly got the ball rolling. At this point Daegan Smith discovered a network marketing company that he liked, and I can tell you that he wasn't successful in that company right away either. This is where his perseverance and dedication kicked in until he was able to achieve success.

He went through 7 months of paying $500 a month for leads, calling leads every day and never signing anyone into his business. After 7 months of not making any money, he realized that he had to figure out how to make sure his new team member that would eventually sign up would not have to go through this same process. This is when he learned the art of attraction marketing, and he set up his very own attraction marketing blueprint. Daegan realized that in order to build a business based around people and relationships that he would have to get them to like him before they would do business with him.

He realized that once he got a ton of people in a bar to like him, actually to love him, simply by buying the whole bar free Beer. So he took this to his business. He figured out what his prospects wanted, and then he gave them a ton of it freely. Daegan Smith taught his prospects how to make money online for free, because that is exactly what they wanted to learn about. He applied the laws of attraction marketing to the maximum by teaching his prospects what other would have charged them for.

This Daegan Smith Review should have hit on atleast these 3 major points for you. Number 1 is that he did not give up on his success even when he wasn't achieving it right away, and even after he'd spent thousands of dollars on marketing and was broke. Number 2 is He only achieved success once he realized this was a relationship business, and he began by building a relationship with his prospects before he ever talked with them. Number 3 is that he spent quite a bit of money on his developing his personal skills and educating himself on the subject of Internet/Network Marketing. Just to let you know exactly the kind of lifestyle that he's been able to achieve because of his perseverance and dedication, I've got to tell you that Daegan Smith is moving to Maui in 2 weeks because he travelled there and loved it so much.

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