The One Command And Creating the World You Want

By: Asara Lovejoy

Making a living in your living room has to do with doing what you want to do in the most comfortable environment you can choose. We are talking about making money here, and making all the money you want. This may not be a new idea; it has been around for a millennium, or more. What makes it new is that now, we know that what you want, wants you, and you can bring that into being. Let us look at our belief system about our economy. Everything that goes on in our lives now, with our current belief system, is tied to the economy of the world. Therefore, the circumstances around us tend to affect us, from the news to conversations with our friends.
Our relationship with money depends on our relationship to fear and what we accept from the collective consciousness. If we hear and accept that there is a downturn, and we will lose our job, or not be able to pay for gas, then it becomes as true for us as it is for others who hear and believe the same things.
We can attempt to tune out all of the information that scares us, but, if we do not tune it out, we lose confidence in what we think we can do because Group Collective Consciousness tells us to pull up our bootstraps and cut back on what we need and want. This very thinking can send us into a downward spiral. Belief in lack attracts more lack and more difficulty. It is a never-ending cycle.
So how do we change what we normally believe is possible and demonstrate instead prosperity, money, financial flow, and even relationships, with grace and ease in our lives? When the world is shifting and changing in the way it is, the doors of perception are opening to allow us to come into a whole new way of operating in the world. And in this change, emotion is our greatest asset, our greatest wealth.
The time to release our fears of losing our jobs, making less money, and having less work in it to do is now. We need to emphasize our gifts and talents, we need to identify and then embrace our abilities, the things we bring to this planet. As we come to the larger picture or worldview, it means we are in the process of changing within ourselves our very consciousness. We need to concentrate on how to create our money, security, and peace of mind. How we can find satisfaction in any circumstance. Our state of mind is our greatest asset. Theta Brain Waves opens our potential to take an idea and completely create it immediately. We become a world all our own.
Life is change and change is opportunity. When there is a destruction or disturbance in life or in the economy, something then happens in our collective thinking. We reconstruct who we are and what our nation is. As an individual, we can support ourselves to be able to support our nation by changing poverty and scarcity to abundance and joy. The One Command allows us to create what we want.

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