The Modern Apparatus used in the Field of Photography

By: Bryan Salomon

The photographers are demanding high payment for their services despite the fact that one expects to see a drop in such service cost due to new and improved and much more advanced methods being incorporated in the cameras and other equipments used for doing photography. The advancements in the cameras are resulting in different forms of eye catching effects in the photos. This means that now with the latest technologies all the photo shows may or may not be the part of the background or the actual stuff shown in the photos. To elaborate it further, now a naked eye of a common man can't spot out the differences between real and artificially created in the snaps. However for an experienced photographer this line of difference is not that subtle and can easily be pointed out. But the question is that who has the limited option of displaying his albums to a photographer only? Not many. So the work with the state of the art cameras goes on and on and the users of these services find it easy, handy and above all of it, cost friendly.

Photographers in UAE are no different from the rest of their counterparts in other countries. This means that they are well equipped with the modern techniques as well as the cameras and also owns delicate sites where photo shoots of several categories can be easily carried out by slightly changing the background. For freelance photographer Dubai has many options that can be explored to get the best person in town. Arranging a photographer on a freelance basis is not widely different from arranging a freelancer for any other purpose. Companies are on the hunt for getting freelancers for the purpose of getting them to work for them. In case of photographers, the freelancers are assigned some tasks. There is some gap between the freelancer and the company. However this gap is a common feature in hiring a freelancer for a work as in most of the cases the companies hire such persons on putting up an advertisement in any job search website. The two parties enter into employment agreement over internet and the work is started. The company firstly provides some documents over email which details the type of the company and the activities it is involved in. Later some work is assigned to the person to assess his capabilities and expertise in performing out the work. If the initial performance is satisfactory the company moves on by providing some other work as well and then the bilateral relationship is smoothly matured.

In case of freelancing of photographers the potential photographers are provide to, say, cover an event like a press conference or a rally, a stage inn, a sport marathon, the uncovering event of a music launch and the first show of a particular movie. The person goes the place where such event is being carried out and takes snaps as per the subject provided by the company. The photographer then sends the picture via email to the company who the pays back by transferring the amount to the bank account.

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