The Missing Link to Creating The Life You Want

By: Asara Lovejoy

Jack Schwarz, the brilliant humanitarian, educator, philosopher, naturopath and internationally known authority on voluntary controls in human energy systems, said, "Inherent in every problem is a solution, but we become so associated with the problem that the solution can not arrive".
Having the honor of studying under Jack for over 6 years, I learned how to voluntarily enter the theta brainwave state. In the theta state, I was able to control pain, lower my blood pressure, and create a different emotional state. I was able to replace painful memories and replace them with joy, peace, and happiness. Through the theta state, I found a way to reach my dreams.
Jack Schwartz believed that there is a vital energy field that permeates all thought and space in the form of potential and is the essential un-manifested field from which we create physical matter, called the Source state. Our reality is undefined and open-ended in its unlimited potential, and we can create in any direction.
We have immortal ideas and the wisdom of ancient times held within our DNA. We adapt these to our physical world by perception. We choose the waves through open-ended potential and our consciousness. The result becomes our reality. Ideas that verify what we create we embrace while we repel the ideas that contradict our choice of reality.
The biggest secret to this way of living is to become unidentified with the opinion of yourself that has been superimposed on you by the outside world. If the outside world has drummed it into you that your financial success means you are a good person, then financial reversal means you are not.
If you take a neutral position, one of no judgment about your circumstances, I guarantee you will be more flexible and open to more opportunities. You will be willing to go forward in new ways to create the good life you want.

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