The Meaning of Christenings

By: Bob Gammit

For Christian families, christening or baptism of their child's is one of the most important parts of their children's infancy. It means that the child's original sin is being erased and he or she becomes a full-pledged child of God. It also signifies the child's entrance into the Christian faith and the family and community welcomes him or her to their fold.

This event is marked with a ceremony commonly held in church. For the Catholics, children are brought to church wearing white, with his or her parents and godparents. The latter are chosen by the parents and have the duty to help raise the child to believe in the Church's commandments as well as guide him or her as the child grows up. They have an important role in the ceremony and also in the child's life. The child would then be placed near the baptismal font and water is poured over his or her forehead to signify his or her being cleanse of sin followed by the formal giving of the child's name.

The actual christening is short and the family commonly goes home or to a restaurant to celebrate the happy day. Some individuals have different faiths or religion and as such, are unaware of this ceremony. They wouldn't know what to expect or do not know the significance of christening. It's suggested that if you are inviting persons over to your child's christening, tell them a bit about this tradition and its importance. Also, if you are inviting a friend to be your kid's godparent, make sure that he or she is someone that the family knows closely. And if he or she is not of the Christian denomination, explain the tradition fully and apprise him of his role in your child's nurturing.

On the other hand, if you are the invitee and only have a small knowledge of what you're suppose to do, you should remember that it's customary to give gifts to the kid on this day. It's not demanded but it would be nice to do so. Unlike birthday gifts, christening gifts should be timeless pieces, something that they can use when they're older. Godparents would commonly present the child with jewellery such as simple necklaces with cross pendants or earrings with the child's birthstone. Some individuals go all out and give their godchildren pearl chokers or beautiful rings. Jewellery is just an expression of this wonderful event in a nipper's life. It signifies longevity and a strong commitment from the godparents to their godchildren.

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