The Law of Attraction and The One Command

By: Asara Lovejoy

Have you ever felt that there is something major missing in your affirmations? Are they working for you? Well, what if there was a missing link? Two friends of mine spent a number of years complaining about their frustration with the outcome of their affirmations.
Although their lunches took place at Olive Garden, the center of conversation was always complaints. My friends complained that even after 30 years of study, The Laws of Attraction seemed to be for the lucky few it worked for. They even went as far as to question whether they deserved having their affirmations work.
They thought it was them that were undeserving while in reality, they were probably not doing the affirmations correctly. The two had read lots of books, tried many approaches, used multiple vision boards and watched movies repeatedly and still they had little success.
Their Olive Garden meetings kept happening more and more often. They were eating more and became more certain there was some piece of the Law of Attraction formula that they were missing. They were hopeful with a side of frustration.
A friend of my friends gave them the gift of a lifetime. They finally were informed of making commands instead of the typical affirmations. Through commands, comes the power of intent. It is through the action of commanding that our neurological being gains the power to change anything; from the simple like clarity to the very complex like our DNA itself.
The television program Heroes is a good example of the power of Commanding your wishes and dreams. How different would this world be with a higher level of consciousness? The One Command is the missing part of the equation.
Actively utilizing the One Command is like your birthday on every day. It is having every aspect of the world peacefully working together. Some may say it is a pipe dream if they are unfamiliar with the One Command. To find your missing link, look at what in your life you want to remain and what you want to replace. Then, take a new approach. Do not chase after your wants with affirmations but instead, know exactly with the utmost clarity what you want and command it be so. The only thing left is to watch the evidence of your success with your new life you have made.

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