The Joys of Eating a Chocolate Bar

By: Tiffany W. Wilson

There is nothing so tempting, so seductive, so irresistible as a bar of chocolate candy--or anything chocolate for that matter. Chocolates are so heart-racing that they make weight conscious anorexics wish they can be otherwise. Well, people with Bulimia can still enjoy this gift of heaven. It is just a complete waste though because they will end up barfing it all out into the toilet bowl. I repeat. It is such a waste. That is why I sometimes think that fat people are happier (fat people who are confident with their body, that is).

If you belong in that group, I believe that you are happier because you can eat whatever you want to eat. You will just have to stomp to the nearby convenience store in your part of town in Washington DC every time you have the urge to eat whole bags of M&M's and Hershey's. Since you are already confident of your large body, your only concern now is your dental health. Let's just hope you have a regular appointment with your local dental clinic. If you do not practice regular dental checkup, the least you can do is to brush three times a day. With the amount of sugar consumption you take every day, your dental health might be jeopardized if you do not take care of it.

Speaking of health and fat people, it is not wise to give attention to dental health alone. Perhaps the smarter move is to regulate your chocolate-eating schedule. Limit your wonderful body to eat only one unholy bar of Snickers just once a week. The better move is to set chocolates, candies anything sweet as a reward for yourself. Eat a sweet chocolate cake every time you ace an exam or impress your boss. Reward yourself with a choco bar every time your day went really well--or you just feel extremely happy.

Think of what is best for your situation. Anyway, in the end, that is your body. Not anyone else's. You have to know how to take care of it. Even though you may be leaning toward the obese on the weight charts, you must remember to still focus your mind into being healthy. Not because you are already overweight does not mean you will just let yourself go. That is not the way to handle yourself if you want to stay long in this world. A healthier lifestyle is always the best choice for everyone. You know that you can still be healthy even though you are fat.

Risks of heart disease and diabetes can be controlled with proper diet and exercise. I am not saying that you will have to stay for hours in the gym, working your butt out. What I am saying is that you can look for ways to make your body healthy while still having that large body that you love. Of course, we can't miss your dose of chocolates! You can always have those lovely, ironically heavenly and sinful chocolate delights. Just be sure to regulate your addiction. Also, don't you dare ignore a healthy exercise and your trip to your local dental clinic. You will be okay.

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