The Internet Chat Rooms, Are We Missing the Point?

By: sanjaay

But I speak the truth and my preconceived ideas about mindless gossip from jaded humans were sadly affirmed as I arbitrarily checked chat rooms that supposedly discussed important subjects It seems some people are just very bored and want to be cool and swear online insulting others and giving this area of information technology a bad name. I think a lot of people are using the rooms solely for personal conversation that contextually no one else can understand
I went to a chat room about religion and then to one about tattoos and it seemed like the same people were talking Most of the conversation did not even touch the supposed subject matter It was definitely a disenchanting experience but hopefully with more research I hope to come across some serious rooms where the true intent of the creators has come to fruition.
I guess it is good that bored people in our technological society have others to talk to It means depressed adolescents may feel more connected to others and not so alone in the world maybe even having a positive effect on a possibly suicidal youth. But I do feel this nonsensical chitchat is a sign of our next generations apathetic view of present reality in our postmodern culture When reading the text from a supposedly religious discussion and hearing graphic use of derogatory terminology I really have to wonder about the present spiritual beliefs of my culture
I am a true believer of the concept that technology is here to further the consciousness of humanity Computers and the Internet can help bring all of us in the world together thus evolving our society to the next level After looking at chat rooms I feel there is a need to integrate more wisdom and compassion into our new world generation Having the technology is great but it is only one half of the equation To make the Internet work properly I think we need to instill the same faith we have in science into a faith that encompasses the actual creators of the information and communication tools humanity itself We seem to realize that we can invent many great things but it looks like we are missing out on the great truth that we ourselves are part of and made of something great in itself Life

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