The Importance of Creating Customized Resumes During Tough Times

By: Todd Daon

Customized resumes demonstrate the ability and the initiative to tailor your resume to the exact needs of the companies that are hiring.

Theres no question about it, we are facing some tough times. It really doesnt matter where you are in the world, the economic situation has many people perturbed and perplexed. The focus on the job market within the economic challenges that are occurring is one that has many people wondering what to do to increase their chances of getting a much-needed job today.

One of the most important aspects of searching for work is having a customized resume to present to potential employers. Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of job hunting is handing out resumes and not getting a single call back for an interview. By creating a customized resume, you are providing companies with an expert presentation of what you can offer them in exchange for a job.

Gone are the days when a generic resume will suffice even when it comes to just getting a call for follow-up information or a telephone interview. Unemployment is nearly at an all time high in some areas. This means that employers have a wealth of candidates to choose from. Some of these candidates are not only highly qualified but they are also very educated, eager to work and they have a polished customized resume.

Put away the notion that you will have to spend days creating a customized resume to offer companies. Thanks to the many developments and advances in resumes, there are many different ways to quickly, effectively and efficiently build a customized resume that may land you the perfect job!

Start out by defining your target companies. Creating a customized resume entails knowing the industry you are aiming to be employed by. You can spend a little more time customizing your resume for specific companies that you want to give it to and the difference can pay off big in the long run. Chances are you will have more than one customized version of your resume, which makes sense.

The Internet has simplified the process of making a customized resume by providing a wide variety of templates. However, if you have limited access to the Internet, software programs such as Microsoft Word also have templates. These templates run with a wizard that walks you through the process of building a customized resume step by step.

Start with a master resume which is a generic one that has all of your information about work history, education, experience, awards, etc. When you are ready to customize it, save your master resume as the companys name. Tailor the resume to match the job description of what the company is looking for. Try using the key words from the companys mission statement or website to align your resume with their search.

Tough economic times require tough measures to compete against the increasing number of people who are out of work and searching for a job. A customized resume can put you at the head of the list get called for an interview and the first opportunity to display your talents. Whether you are just starting a career or returning to the job market as a seasoned professional, a customized resume makes a big difference in how you compete with others.

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