The Houston Car Accident that didn't have to happen

By: Jerry Work

Carrie N. never thought she'd need a Houston car accident lawyer, but on her way to work after having dropped the kids at daycare one morning that changed. The Southwest Freeway was in its usual clogged state. The Volvo sedan in the lane in front of Carrie was acting erratically speeding up and then slowing down for no apparent reason, veering towards the right and then wandering back into the lane. Carrie tried to fall back to put some space between her and the Volvo, but the traffic was heavy enough that it wasn't possible to get completely back. A Houston car accident attorney could have told her that what Carrie was experiencing that morning on the Southwest was similar to what many of us face daily in our commutes through Houston.

After the accident that happened that morning, leaving Carrie wheelchair bound, her Houston auto accident lawyer helped her to reconstruct what had happened. Her memories were more than a little fuzzy. She remembered the changing speeds and the weaving, she remembered attempting to pass the Volvo in order to get out of danger, and then it kind of all went blank. With her Houston car accident lawyer's gentle probing she began to remember details. She remembered the first close swerve that bought the Volvo within inches of hitting her. She remembered the feeling of relief as it moved off again. She remembered seeing the other driver seemingly screaming into a cell phone as she went past. Suddenly, the Volvo crossed into her lane before she had cleared the space. The other car caught her rear right panel and she was sent spinning across traffic. After that it was all a blur.

Of course, as her Houston auto accident lawyer told her, this accident never had to happen. The other driver claimed the accident was Carrie's fault and accused her of poor lane merging technique. Carrie's Houston car accident attorney was able to subpoena the cell phone records and prove that the Volvo driver had been on the phone for the 10 minutes leading up to the accident. There was no hands free apparatus in the car. The Houston auto accident lawyer was also able to turn up two witnesses of the Volvo's swerving and erratic driving.

Carrie N. will never get back the use of her legs, but thanks to her Houston car accident attorney, she will not have to pay the medical bills and her new car will be fitted with hand controls.

This is just one example of auto accidents that occur on our highways daily.

What should you do if you have been involved in an auto accident?

1. If you haven't been seriously injured, remain calm
2. Don't sign anything provided by the insurance company
3. If possible, gather information such as witness accounts or pictures
4. See a medical professional immediately
5. Contact your insurance agent or provider
6. Hire an auto accident lawyer

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