The History Of The Watch From The Early 19th Century To Pre


To truly understand the evolution of the watch, we must take a journey into the past. The first timekeeping device was actually a pocket watch. Though, back in the day, they were worn around the neck. I guess we know the occupation of Flava Flavís early ancestors
After the railroad began using the pocket watch, the watch industry grew by leaps and bounds With the invention of the wristwatch, watches became increasingly popular among professionals and everyday folk. The LED digital watch and the Pilotís watch have taken the watch designs and functions to a whole new level. To date, there are many watchmakers vying for your business! Your best bet is to hop online and view the many different styles, models and prices before you purchase another watch.
The pocket watch is the oldest form of watch in production. In the beginning, they were completely customized pieces of jewelry that were mainly owned by royalty or the rich. Encrusted with jewels and made of the finest quality materials, the early pocket watches were not easily affordable. Eventually made into smaller versions and worn around the neck, the pocket watch was still mostly considered a fashion accessory. That was until the development of the railroad. Using the pocket watch as a means to schedule train departures and arrivals, the pocket watch became a time telling necessity. Unfortunately, though, the early pocket watch models did not accurately tell time; they lost time as the day progressed, making it impossible to synchronize times among a group of people. Following a train collision, it was deemed that the pocket watch needed to undergo a technological improvement to tell time more accurately.
The revised technology made it possible to begin making the pocket watch smaller and smaller, until it eventually began to be worn on the wrist. The wristwatch began to see a dramatic burst of production during wartimes. The military saw a use for a watch that could be easily read while performing duties. The chronograph wristwatches with luminous hands were in high demand Today, there are a multitude of watch manufacturers that specialize in wristwatch production. There are watches sporting beautiful jewels and watches that are mostly geared toward function. Some are battery operated, while others operate from the power of the sun! There are watches that will fit into any price range, too. Shopping online will allow you to view and compare many wristwatches so that you can pick the one that is most perfect for your wants and needs
The LED Digital wrist watch came about in the late 1960ís and early 1970 s. These watches were very unique in that they require no moving parts to tell the time of day! Passing an electrical charge through inorganic materials creates the LED digital technology. In other words, you simply press a button and the watch lights up with the dime/date! The Americans and the Japanese have been the forerunners in the development of the LED digital watch. Early models were expensive, but are inexpensive to date. They are the best watches to learn how to tell time by
The Aviation Watch Pilot Watch is a very functional timepiece.. These watches actually help to maintain flight plans, perform pre flight planning and navigate flights, so they are extremely important for pilots! Used primarily by the military and aircrew, the Aviation style watches are also popular among avid outdoorsmen and athletes. Today, the aviation world has seen a great improvement in a plane s instrumentation panel, so the Aviation watch isnít quite as important, but they are very useful to have just in case you need a back up!
All watches are analog or digital in nature, some are even both! Men, women and children will be able to find a wrist watch that is just perfect for their needs desires. Shopping on the Internet, youíll find many merchants that sell watches. There are places to find some really great discounted selections, too! When it comes to watches, there are many factors you should consider before you purchase, including: functions needed, size, style and price. Once you have your choices narrowed down, shopping online is the quickest and most convenient way to go. Whether you are an avid watch collector or you are purchasing a time teaching model, remember that your choices have been made possible thanks to the many talented designers and engineers through the years

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