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By: Gillian Pearce

Not many people who try to make a full-time living in the area of online marketing succeed. That's mostly due to being sold the falsehood of the internet marketing dream - work in your night clothes for a few hours, then drive your flash (normally scarlet) coupé to the seashore. They do not realise that building any company, whether it be online or off line calls for constant, focussed effort.

And, especially if this is your first shot at creating up a business, you might come across a few personal challenges as well. You may have to grow your self-esteem and be prepared to undertake greater challenges than you are used to.

If you talk to any of the "gurus" in internet marketing you will find that not one of them made it overnight and every single one of them worked exceedingly hard to get where they are now both with regard to the actions they took as well as in their individual skills development. An example of such a skill that you will also require, if you want to succeed at internet marketing, is knowing when to investigate and at what time to act. Clearly, you'll also require the willingness to actually perform the action.

These three tips will help:

1. Fail in the Field and Not In Your Head

It is very easy to think too much about things when you begin working on your online business. No matter what sort of research you are carrying out be it market, search term, product, joint venture, it should only be responsible 5% of your "testing". The remaining 95% ought to be derived from the field, by means of getting stuff out there, trying out your data in the market place.

If the figures work, do not talk yourself out of a niche or a specific search phrase because it wasn't what you were expecting to find when you started, or because you think you understand something about the market segment, or because you are guessing.

Take your research to market and test it. Fail in the market placeand not in your head. And bear in mind, the more rapidly you fail the more you learn the higher your self-belief will be and the quicker you'll arrive at success.

2. It's Never Perfect

Although good research is vital to web marketing success there will be a time when you just have to take the best you've got and work with it. You can set out trying to find perfect but be prepared to settle for "good enough". At times you just need to test the best you can find. Waiting to find something that matches all your criteria exactly can squander inordinate amounts of time. And even if you locate "perfect" it won't always act as you envision it would. The single way to know for certain is, like in "1" above, to test it in the market place.

3. Indecision is Resistance - Always

Often when we keep postponing something it is simply because we're moving outside the customary into the unknown. This is equally as true in the world of internet marketing as it is anywhere else in life. Knowing that indecision is just resistance assists you to move forward regardless. Moving from a "getting it right" mindset to one of trying things out is also a significant help.

So, if you would like to enhance the likelihood of making money online, don't be afraid to give things a try, adjusting as you go and do not buy into the over night success lies.

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Gillian Pearce is an internet marketing coach who writes for a number of websites about the personal habits and web marketing strategy that are essential for success online. Visit her sites for tips, resources, motivation techniques and how to develop the all important success mindset.

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