The Graceful Sport Of Gymnastics

By: Allana Korbasti

People love to watch gymnasts perform their fluid and athletic movements, making it one of the most loved sports in the world. Many youths join clubs dreaming of being the next Olympic gold medal winner. People sit eagerly in front of their TVs to watch the competitions. Only a few of us can actually get up on a balance beam and perform graceful flips.

Gymnastics is based on a Greek type of ancient exercise. At most gymnastics competitions there are both men's and women's events. The men's events are parallel bars, rings, side horse, vaulting horse, horizontal bar, and floor exercise. Women's events are balance beam, vaulting horse, uneven bars, and floor exercise.

The events have been segregated on the basis of physical focus. Events for men focus on upper body strength while women events focus more on agility and gracefulness. Some difficult apparatus are the rings and the balance beam. While performing on the rings, the gymnasts need to showcase movements while holding themselves up on suspended rings. The movements carried out on the balance beam would be difficult fro most people to perform even on the floor.

This competitive sport is very popular and desire for excellence at Olympics holds the pride of position that each team vies for. The performances of Russia, erstwhile USSR, Romania and United States are commendable. For the American public, past gymnastics gold medal winners have become country wide sweethearts and the best brand ambassadors of the sport - Mary Lue Retton for one.

This is a sport that needs to be taken up when you are very young. Parents need to take their children to clubs and classes early when their bodies are agile and flexible. These children can be molded and trained into good gymnasts. Most cities all over America have several gymnastics clubs that you can choose from. Some clubs offer classes that are just oriented towards fun, while some are more serious gearing children towards a professional life.

Another type of gymnastics that was introduced in recent years is rhythmic gymnastics. Rhythmic gymnastics makes use of five objects: rope, ball, clubs, ribbon, and hoop. One gymnast can compete using all of the objects, or there can be teams of five. Only women compete in rhythmic gymnastic competitions, and it is fascinating and captivating to watch.

Trampolining has also become a very popular gymnastic competition, and was even added to the Summer Olympics roster. Trampolining involves competitors accomplishing specific moves, which are then judged.

Most professional gymnast start training when they are very young, and the typical gymnast reaches their peak performance in their late teens or early twenties. In order to become a professional gymnast, many children train seven days a week and their entire life is centered around the sport of gymnastics. If they do not do well in gymnastics when they are older, this can be very hard on their egos since they have been training their entire lives for this.

If you ever have a chance to see a live performance, don't miss it. You won't believe the beauty, grace and athleticism involved in this wonderfully entertaining sport.

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