The Golf Training Range – Actions To Practice Like a Pro

By: Jim O Connell

When I go to a golf event, one area I never neglect spending time often is the golf training range. It can be intriguing to observe pros when they are truly working their craft. So what do the men and women who craft their living competing in golf do that almost all of us never do? Many things, in reality, and many that appear to carry modest importance really are significant.
1. Organize yourself before you knock that opening golf ball. You'll want to dress appropriately, including golf footwear and glove. Choose specifically what you intend to work on throughout your session, and by all means, stretch out properly, not only prior to your first shot, but at regular intervals.
2. Don't begin with the driver! Begin with the wedge and work up, ending with the driver. This is necessary to tweak any faults as they creep into your swing, so it will become easier to rectify as you develop the length of the swing.
3. Take your time between shots. When you're on the golf practice range, make each one of them matter. Step back and examine why you miss hit a golf ball as opposed to just brushing it off. Change your target areas on a regular basis, as it'll cause you to constantly rethink your alignment and position on the ball. Intermittently after set up, place a golf club on the ground touching your toes, then check from behind to determine if you have aligned yourself the way you had wanted. I know many times I have been amazed how far off my alignment was off.
4. Attempt to recreate conditions on the course as much as you are able to while practicing. This may require some imagination, but think of out of bounds or a water hazard on one section or the other of your target area.
5. Concentrate! I watched Tiger Woods at the practice green along with his caddy at Celtic Manor, and his concentrate was unbelievable. There was no interaction with anyone else. That held firm for all of the golfers when they were on the driving range. Turn off the cellular phone and do not socialize.
6. Most important, have fun. Make a game of being at the golf practice range. Challenge yourself to hit five consecutive shots inside five feet of a objective, or three drives on the left of an imaginary fairway, then three right and three middle. With some imagination it can be nearly as much fun as being at the course.
Preparation does not have to be all grind. The more fun you have on the golf practice range, the more anxious you will want to return and the better you'll grow to be.

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I hope I've given you a few thoughts on how you can make your practice time on the golf practice range more productive, and more fun. While you're on the driving range you ay want to work on drawing the ball, so look on the page called How to Draw a Golf Ball-4 Easy Steps, as well as homegolflesson tips on The Long Game. Sean O'Kelly is a writer living in London and a long-time golf enthusiast.

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