The Glamour Photographer, his Model, and the struggle for great Glamour Photography

By: Gene Schwerman

The glamour photographer is to his model as beauty is to Glamour photography. Marshall McLuhan might well have called the glamour photographer, a servo-mechanism of the aspiring model in the quest for glamour photography, had he ever addressed the issue. While the metaphysician of mass media might have been able to instruct a glamour photographer as to how to manipulate or create vulnerability by using the stark light of a single naked bulb, he was not a glamour photographer, nor was glamour photography, his venue.

True glamour photography is captured, in spite of, rather than because of the beauty of the model. Confidence is not always the friend of the glamour model. Ask any glamour photographer, they will tell you that the only way to find real glamour photography is to capture the vulnerability of the model either from within the model or despite the confidence and beauty to allow the model to display their feelings vulnerably, as best as they can conjure it, in spite of the trappings of a glamour photography shoot. They will usually confide that neither way of producing it is easy. As difficult as it is to feel sympathy for the Glamour Photographer, as he shoots some of the most gorgeous women on the planet, this quest for the right look in Glamour photography seems to be universally noiced.

It is not unlike asking a great painter to ignore the grandeur of nature, while painting Niagara Falls, for instance, and concentrate on the serenity inherit in the falling water. The glamour photographer will spend endless amounts of time and energy in the pursuit of a small amount of vulnerability. The glamour model may have to lose all confidence in her own ability to portray vulnerability and perhaps even in the photographer's ability to shoot it, before the elusive and rare quality exudes from her pores.

A supermodel, often becomes a supermodel, not because of rare beauty, but because of a very rare quality to exude vulnerability for even a certain glamour photographer or, of course, preferably for numerous glamour photographers. Great glamour photographers know that vulnerability is the supernova heretofore, indistinguishable from a single star. It is one of the mysteries of the universe. Some would say it is actually found more rarely in glamour photography than in amateur photography from Third World countries. But amateur photography from Third World countries, usually lacks glamour altogether; so it is up to the glamour photographer to create glamour photography, like a scientist in a laboratory hunting for an allusive strand of DNA, except, of course, a bit more...well, glamourous.

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