The End of the World Scenario in 2012 and Solar Flares

By: Rod Ventura

Changes in the sun that can result in the production of solar flares or solar storms, as they are called, are being closely and constantly monitored by the scientists of today. In the year 2012, various events of massive solar storm activity are being expected as shown by these solar changes. The different cycles followed by the sun and the different patterns correlating with the earth’s changes, is one of the significant studies being followed by these scientists. Solar flares have never really been noticed by the world neither have they caused much of an impact since they have always been minor but have been occurring ever since 2003. An unfortunate prediction is that a massive impacted will be created on Earth by the solar flares that are expected to be produced in 2012.

A lot of us might wonder what a solar flare actually is and how the Earth can be affected by it. A type of a storm that occurs over the surface of the sun resulting in the production of a high level radiation explosion is known as a solar flare. The solar storms of 1859 can be taken into perspective to get an idea of the events that can result from this anomaly. The telegraph systems that were in use during that time suffered from massive interruptions due to the solar flares that were caused during this event at that time. At that time, different territories also suffered form massive outbreaks of fire, which today are believed to be a result off the solar flares as well.

The fact that communications on earth can be disrupted by solar storms, as was experienced in the past, has become a concerning matter for a lot of people. Some very terrifying results can be produced by the solar flares that are expected to take place in 2012, as shown by research. The world of today has certainly advanced in communication technology but there are specific massive drawbacks to it all as well. Currently the Earth is being orbited by an uncountable number of satellites that are being used for communication purposes. Thus catastrophic effects can be caused to the entire communications on the whole planet in the event of any sort of disruption. Thus, this is not merely a possible outcome but could as well be the exact situation that might take place during the solar storms of 2012.

The earth could in fact end up an inescapable dark hole if such an event actually does take place in 2012. Since people will have no clue of what to do, with technology no longer available for assistance, it will almost set the world hundreds of years back. This is just a brief glimpse of the event that is being speculated to be the end of the world and might occur in 2012. 2012 is merely a little over a year away and there are numerous predictions such as this one, which are expected to occur as a part of the event.

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