The Eco Friendly Way Of Living: ‘Just Go Green!’

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The Eco Friendly Way Of Living: ‘Just Go Green!’

Summary: An eco friendly green living keeps the environment clean and healthy. Advent of green online stores has encouraged the usage of eco friendly, energy saving products.

A green online store is a one stop shop that not just caters to all the day-to-day needs, but does it with a style. A green online store provides a large variety of bio-degradable products such as power saving gadgets, recycled stationery, jewelry, home wares, glass, and paper, and also provides a range of body care products, kitchen wares, home accessories, baby products, degradable products and compost for garden. By using eco friendly products one can contribute harmoniously towards environment change.

Some of the healthy tips are presented below:

For Green Environment:

Home gardens: Eco friendly products like a degradable leaf sack, the sun jar, drought buster, recycled sundial or a recycled log maker can be used to affect the environment.
As “Charity begins at home,” eco friendliness also starts from home. It is a great idea to start planting at one’s house. A small area must be dedicated for a mini garden area around the house.

Planting different varieties of plants and using them for the personal benefits is eco friendly way of conduction. “Each one must plant one,” and enjoy the soothing effect and fresh clean air. Each locality must have its own garden and must be looked after properly. Eco friendly products like a degradable leaf sack, the sun jar, drought buster, recycled sundial or a recycled log maker can be used to affect the environment positively.

Ways To Save Energy:

• With increasing population, the survival has become an ardent and a mammoth task. The non-renewable resources are being fully exploited and the future generations are in grave danger! In a situation like this, the use of renewable sources comes into picture. Broadly seen, sources like wind, water and the sun contribute chiefly in producing energy. This energy must be judiciously used to the core.

• Hydro power makes electrical energy. With advent of electrical era, conservation of energy has become a vital element. Several products are being manufactured that save energy consumption. Rechargeable batteries must be used for power saving. Electrical appliances like bulbs, kitchen wares, boilers, refrigerators, ACs, TV, computers draw a lot of energy, so energy saving appliances must be used to benefit all.

• Pollution free environment is a must. The vehicular air pollution causes several harmful diseases, so it must be checked. Apart from that, noise free and water pollutant free environment is equally necessary. Stringent actions must be taken by the Government to keep an eye on the law breakers.

Eco Friendly Way Of Living:

Safe and clean drinking water must be used using home water filters and the environment must be kept clean and sound. “Cleanliness is next to Godliness,” so a clean environment keeps one healthy and sound in health.

The younglings and babies are the future and they must be encouraged for using eco friendly products that would keep them in sound health. Whether it is baby bottles, nipples, brushes, plastic bags, toys, clothes or nutrition-rich food, everything should reflect the elements of eco friendliness. Some habits are inculcated over the years and then become part of life.

To summarize it all, a clean, safe and eco friendly environment is the healthiest environment. Thus, energy saving mechanisms, greener pastures, a pollution free environment, cleanliness and use of renewable and eco friendly sources can help in providing a bio friendly living.

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