The Different Types Of Glass Available

By: Jonathon Midel

Glass has been used for building decor for many years and doesn't always have to be functional. Sometimes people want to use glass and glass effects to beautify and creatively improve the look of a building. Many modern buildings feel cold and stark when only modern glass is installed.

The leaded glass is the most popular one among glasses. The leaded glass is made of glass bounded together using lead pieces, or strips, which are known as "cames". Lead in glass makes it easy to manage in the manufacturing process. It can be bent in which ever way you want so as to create a shape of your desire. This helps you to position the glass wherever you want, be it on locations like churches or in your houses.

Leaded glad also lends itself to interesting textures and patterns. Employing different designs makes the glass more original and artistic looking, but doesn't weaken it or limit its performance. Any time a person wants to create a room with a distinctive and beautiful look, they will be enthusiastic about choosing leaded glass.

Many people also choose stained glass to add decorative touches to their homes. They often install it in an entry hall as this is the first area any visitors see. Countries all around the world have used stained glass for centuries, and it's still seen in a variety of buildings.

Stained glasses are actually leaded glasses which are filled with colors and patterns. Color pigments can be added to the glass during the manufacturing process to make it stained and more decorative. Color can be added even if the cut patterns of clear glass have been incorporated together by painting clear glass with color. The paint is made with a mixture of color pigments and powdered glass. To make color a part of the glass after painting, the painted glass is placed inside a kiln to melt the pigments and make it stick to the clear glass and turn into a stained glass.

Through a process of etching, glasses are usually marked to create beautiful patterns on them. This enhances the look of the glass. Various chemicals and abrasives are used to make these marking or etchings on clear glass. You can create any design or pattern through etching a glass. Etching is used to make glasses that can be used in doors and windows that get a lot of attention. It is also used by many people to decorate the entry hall or drawing room of their house.

Still another type of glass is called "Dalle de Verre", also known as a faceted type of glass. The creation of this type of glass involves taking thicker pieces of glass and chipping the edges to give it that "faceted" look. This type of glass is usually seen in large buildings where the effect is most appreciated.

No matter what type of glass is chosen for new homes and buildings the goal is always the same: to combine the functionality of glass with the creativeness of home decorating. Choosing glass for any home can be a fun experience and the net result is a room with unique window treatments.

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