The Difference between Men' s Shopping Style and Women' s Shopping Style

By: Ameerah

1 he Spring Festival is approaching. As a tradition, people are supposed to have something new to use or wear, especially children, no matter they are rich or poor. Therefore, you can see many families going shop-ji ping on the streets. And, interestingly enough, you may notice that men' s shopping style is different from that of women.

Let's look at men's clothes shops: A man comes into a shop, has a glance at the whole shop and goes to his target area. He has a brief look of the colors and begins to ask the shop assistant for the right size. He tries it on, extending his arms or kicking his legs to check if it is comfortable enough. The clothing fits him and he asks for a plastic bag. He pays the money, puts the new dress in the bag and leaves the shop. The deal is Tag Heuer Formula 1 Replica done in only a few minutes. If the dress is sold in package, he doesn't want to be bothered to unpack it. So, you see men's shopping is quite direct and hence time-saving. Now enters a couple. The man is doing the same as the previous man. The difference is that the lady checks it carefully before she pays. She examines the surface of the dress, turns it over and check the inner side as well. She pays much attention to the stitches and the ironing. Only when she is sure that the clothes seem perfect will she pay. A lady is more careful when shopping.

Now, let' s move to see a ladies' clothes shop. What do you expect to see there? Many husbands are carrying bags and holding their wives' clothes while the ladies are busy trying on the new clothes. They try several clothes of the same size but different colors; or the same color but different styles again and again. They stand in front of the mirrors and see how they look like from the front. They turn their backs to the mirror, twisted heads struggling to see how they look like from the back; if the color, size and style are right. They look smart in the new dresses. However, they go to some other shops to try more. They don't make their decisions until they are too exhausted to move on or their husbands complain too much. Sometimes, even though the clothes fit them well, they go home without the desired clothes because they want their friends' comment on the dresses. If the majority of their friends say OK, they rush back to the shop and get them. Of course, they don't forget to examine the clothes carefully. Maybe, more carefully than they do to their husbands' dresses before paying. See, women' s shopping is exhausting but interesting.

After visiting the men's and women's clothes shops, shall we visit the kids' clothes shop? Including the kids' own views on what they would like to wear, the parents discuss about what they should wear. The dads may have found the "proper" dress Tag Heuer Replica in no time, but the moms insist on the kids' trying different colors, sizes, styles and materials. They help the children to try on as many times as possible without worrying about the health of children. Most often, the dads lose their patience and wait outside the shop. They have the same attitudes as that buying their own clothes.

more de-termined , while women are less sure about what to buy and they may easily change their minds. Second, men are not as patient as women. Most of all, men have fe¬wer choices than women. Men' s clothes don' t change the color or style as quickly as women' s clothes. The common colors for men are white, black, brown, gray.

or coffee. The styles are suits, jackets, coats, jeans, jumpers, vests and trousers. However, for ladies, the color may be any pure color or a mixture of them. Besides the same styles as men' s the ladies' dresses vary, A little change in their collar, cuff, length and width of sleeves and legs, the place and design of different types of flowers, the number and size of some designs, the English words and Chinese characters may make the dresses different. Even the size and design and color of buttons may make the dresses special. No wonder women spend so much time and energy on shopping.

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