The Circle of Promise

By: John Dail

It is said marriages are made in heaven but the wedding rings are made right here on earth. Despite all jokes and misconceptions about marriage, it is a sacred institution binding those in love in eternal marital bliss. It is every young girl’s dream to find her Prince Charming, who will not only sweep her off her feet but also adorn her finger with a wedding ring which is the talk and envy of her peer group.

A circle is an embodiment of an eternal cycle in which there is neither a beginning nor an end. It is believed that in this circle of promise, love will remain an incessant and continuous surge. Hence all wedding and engagement rings are made circular and this is a fitting shape for it. A wedding ring is believed to unite a couple through the good times and especially through the bad and this makes it a sacrosanct adornment of devotion for both, the bride and groom.

There are many urban myths that surround the wedding ring and one of the most common one is that it is allegedly back luck to buy the wedding and engagement rings together. Another interesting theory was back in medieval England. It is whispered that to ward off evil spirits and make the marriage successful, the groom would pray to the holy trinity before putting the ring partly on the thumb and two fingers of the bride. This would keep the ring permanently on the bride’s wedding finger for ever more. In ancient Ireland too, it was considered bad luck and the doom of a marriage if the wedding ring was not made from gold.

It is immaterial what the beliefs and folk lore are all about; the couple who is considering marrying each other will be shrouded with excitement and elation at finally settling down with the one they love. Since the wedding ceremony is hallowed and blessed, it is important to choose a ring that will not only reflect but also best symbolize the couple’s hopes and dreams.

Choosing a wedding ring is very exciting and can fill a couple with elation. Since the ring will be worn until death does the wedded couple apart, it is imperative to choose a ring that will compliment the bride and groom’s fingers and budget. There is a plethora of designs available for brides-to-be and in recent time too, grooms are also finding creative designer wedding rings instead of the conventional ones.

While buying the wedding ring, it is important to keep in mind that it should enhance and flatter the engagement ring. One of the most popular wedding rings choices are those made with diamonds. These are an eternal favorite of women the world over. Diamond wedding rings come in a variety of designs and values. One of the most popular design for a wedding rings is an eternity band which in completely encrusted in diamonds.

Finding the perfect wedding ring will only make the wedding ceremony more special!

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