The Changing Trend Of Advertising

By: Jason Angelo Rego

From the traditional hand-painted banners to the boom of the digital internet pop-up advertisements, the art of advertising has evolved with the time. Everyone knows the impact of quality advertising in the business sector and this has made every entrepreneur resort to advertising as a major support for their business growth. Although, there exist various forms of advertising only some are more explored than the other mediums when it comes to the development of a business. Entrepreneurs should consider the assistance of a reputed advertising agency to maintain a balance between their marketing and advertising initiatives.

No matter how much the world progresses, print advertising would always remain one of the most widest used medium for its consistency and effectiveness. As newspapers and magazines cater to both local and national audience, introducing general and customized products stirs the interests of the reader and makes the product or service gain reputation. Newspapers almost have advertisements in every single page and the prices they charge for these spaces depend on the pages and the size of the advertisement. Some newspapers have also introduced the trend of business marketing by including special supplements that cater to promotional and marketing initiatives. Advertising agencies in Mumbai combine the best of the print, visual and audio medium to create effective advertising campaigns that can be actively used in various platforms including the internet.

Apart from print, television and radios are also widely used by the advertisers to promote their products and services. As most of the Indian population depend on the broadcast media for information and entertainment, it is fair to use this medium for advertising and marketing purposes. However, the medium an advertising agency chooses also depends on its budgets and its target audience. To cater to an urban audience, advertisers may channelize their resources towards a more youth-friendly environment wherein the internet plays a dominant role. Infomercials have replaced the use of regular commercial and their persuading benefit-feature script has fostered business by helping it establishing more awareness and reputation in the market. Outdoor advertising co-exists with other broadcast mediums bombarding knowledge in every nook and corner through their banners, bill-boards and kiosks located in active public dominant areas.

Many creative ad agencies in Mumbai visualise and implement concepts that are surreal but thought-provoking. By combining the best of the graphics with their imagination, the creative directors have helped various brands establish an image that distinguishes them from their competitors. Although, separate advertising campaigns for individual broadcast mediums can be very expensive the impact and the curiosity each campaign generates would differ in comparison. Also, their response cannot be compensated on the value invested towards it. Advertising is evolving day by day and the latest addition to it is mobile advertising and the pop-up advertisements in internet which constantly drives your attention.

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Jason A Rego with his expertise and experience has established a reputed advertising agency in Mumbai. Through his blogs, Rego aims to spread awareness on the need for advertising and its impact on the business environment.

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