The Challenges of Consecutive Interpreting: Why It’s Vital to Hire an Expert

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Language translation services are not without their challenges at the best of times, and consecutive interpreting is certainly a more complicated art to master than most.

Unlike conventional forms of interpretation and transcription services, consecutive interpretation places a huge number of almost concurrent demands upon the interpreter in question. They must have the ability to absorb information rapidly, to digest the information presented and to translate; almost simultaneously. They must also be able to adapt to unexpected situations, and to react swiftly in accordance to even the most unusual turn of events.

Further Challenges of Consecutive Interpreting

Interpretation presents different challenges to different people. Here are some of the more common ‘stumbling blocks’ with this particular type of language translation service.

1)Finding the ‘right’ word. It’s not unusual for a word in one language to have no suitable equivalent in another. For the inexperienced interpreter, this can pose significant problems, destruction and inevitably missing some of the following content.

2) Lack of note-taking skills. A practiced consecutive interpreter will be able to use notes effectively to capture all salient points. This is a skill that is generally only mastered through experience, and can prove challenging to new interpreters. Additionally, if notes are not kept neat, it can be difficult to extract the original meaning when transcribing at a later date.

3) Lack of legal knowledge. In the case of legal or financial consecutive interpretation, if the interpreter is unfamiliar with both the legal practices of the original country and the country for translation, this can cause confusion. In worst case scenarios, it can even result in misinformation.

4) Lack of general comprehension. It is easy to underestimate how much knowledge and comprehension is required to successfully translate, especially in legal situations. If the interpreter is unskilled in this field, it is likely to result in poorly transcribed information; producing an end-product of little or no use to the client.

5) Personality difficulties. Every interpreter is different, and will have personalised ‘stumbling blocks’ that present issues when translating. For some, this can be numbered, for others, specific terminology. A more seasoned translator is likely to be more self-aware, and will have strategies in place to combat this potential pitfall; thus ensuring that the standard of work remains high.

Finding the Right Consecutive Interpreter

In light of this, it’s clear to see how important it is to work with a language translation services provider that offers a high standard of service. Their interpreters should be familiar with the nature of the work, and should have strategies in place to ensure that they deliver superior quality translation. They should also have the relevant knowledge of the field in question.

Of course, this is unlikely to be the cheapest service available. However, if you require a higher standard of translation, than it is worth the extra investment.

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